Recently we implemented a new search application, much more focused, in the university website
People from all over the world can easily find your personal web site and your university phone numbers, based on your names in English or Hebrew.


If you have a personal website and you want people to find it through the internal search procedure, all you have to do is to log on once to this website:
After identifying yourself with your bgu username and password (same as for the bgumail email account), you will need to approve opening the authorization and on the following screen you'll need to fill in the full address of your personal website.



Uploading the contents of your page

The contents of your home page should be placed into ".web" directory.

You can upload the files that you prepared at your PC by transferring them using FTP
(see details below .

Every time after the files are created or updated, the permissions of the ".web" directory together with all its contents should be changed to make it readable.

Open a telnet session: telnet and do:

chmod -R 755 .web


How to use FTP


Download recommended FTP client for transfering HTML files from your PC to BGU web server .

Run the FTP client and do "Connect" with the following parameters:


Profile name: bgu-home-site

Host name:

Host type: Automatic detect

Username: username at Bgumail

Password: password at Bgumail


After you are connected, click on ".web" directory name in the right-hand window to descend into it.

Now you can put your files there.


Final remarks

Default name for start-up HTML file is: index.html
Accessing your personal home page's URL is:

Personal home page size is limited by your spaceware ("S") quota.


For further support contact your department's computation referent