collapse Year : 2021 ‎(15)
21/10/2021Sylvain ChassangPrinceton UniversityMaking the Most of Limited Government Capacity: Theory and Experiment
17/06/2021Jerome Adda Bocconi UThere’s More to Marriage than Love: The Effect of Legal Status and Cultural Distance on Intermarriages and Separations
03/06/2021Thomas Buser U AmsterdamCan competitiveness predict education and labor market outcomes? Evidence from incentivized choice and survey measures (with Muriel Niederle and Hessel Oosterbeek)
27/05/2021Curtis Taylor DukeSetbacks, Shutdowns, and Overruns
20/05/2021Rafael Lalive U LausanneCan Outlawing Stated Gender Preferences Reduce Gender Segregation Across Firms?
13/05/2021Maria Petrova Universitat Pompeu FabraBombs, Broadcasts and Resistance: Allied Intervention and Domestic Opposition to the Nazi Regime during World War II
06/05/2021Attila Lindner University College LondonThe Impact of Payroll Tax Subsidies: Theory and Evidence
29/04/2021Nora Szech KITChoice architecture and incentives increase COVID-19 vaccine intentions and test demand (with Marta Serra-Garcia)
22/04/2021Lorenzo Casaburi U ZurichLand Rental Markets: Experimental Evidence from Kenya (with Michelle Acampora and Jack Willis)
08/04/2021Cass Susnstein HarvardKnowledge Is Power, But Ignorance Is Bliss
18/03/2021Yoram HalevyU TorontoRandomize at your own Risk: on the Observability of Ambiguity Aversion (with Aurelien Baillon and Chen Li)
11/03/2021Jeanne HagenbachSciences PoSelective Memory of a Psychological Agent
04/03/2021Guy RolnikChicago BoothTaming Big-Tech
14/01/2021Petter LundborgLund UniversityOn the family origins of human capital formation: Evidence from donor children
07/01/2021Roland RathelotWarwickJob search and tightness during the COVID-19 crisis: Empirical evidence from Sweden and France, joint with Lena Hensvik (Uppsala) and Thomas Le Barbanchon (Bocconi)
collapse Year : 2020 ‎(26)
31/12/2020Adi ShanyTel Aviv University - CollerHow Markets Clear Without Prices? Service Time in Online Grocery
24/12/2020Job Talk: Tomer Ifergane BGUTime to Say Goodbye: The Macroeconomic Implications of Termination Notice
17/12/2020Job Talk: Moran KorenStanfordThe Implications of Pricing on Social Learning
10/12/2020Job Talk: Elior CohenUCLAThe Effect of Housing Assistance on Recidivism to Homelessness, Economic, and Social Outcomes
03/12/2020Job Talk: Muly SanNYUWho Works Where and Why? Parental Networks and the Labor Market
26/11/2020Tzachi RazThe Hebrew UniversityLearning is Caring: Soil Heterogeneity, Social Learning and the Formation of Close-knit Communities
19/11/2020Ethan IlzetzkiLondon School of EconomicsGovernment Purchases and Plant-Level Productivity:Evidence from World War II
12/11/2020Shirlee Lichtman-SadotBGUThe US Welfare Reform and Mortality
05/11/2020Michel Strawczynski The Hebrew University and Bank of IsraelShall a Means-Tested Basic Income Substitute Traditional Welfare?
29/10/2020Limor GolanWashington UTBA
25/06/2020Audinga BaltrunaiteBank of ItalyTrainspotting: Board Appointments in Private Firms
18/06/2020Naomi GershoniBGUIndividual vs. Group Decision-Making: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Arbitration Proceedings
11/06/2020Karnit FlugHUJITBA
08/06/2020Moshe Milevsky York UniversitySwimming with wealthy sharks: longevity, volatility and the value of risk pooling
04/06/2020Ity ShurtzBGURealization of low probability clinical risks and physician behavior: evidence from primary care physicians
21/05/2020Oscar VolijBGUTheft in equilibrium
14/05/2020Amma PaninWorld BankTBA
07/05/2020Marlous van WaijenburgUniversity of MichiganFinancing the African Colonial State: Fiscal Capacity and Forced Labor
30/04/2020Hannah TrachtmanYaleIntervention externalities due to limited attention
23/04/2020Ro'i ZultanBGUValue for Biased Information
02/04/2020Chagai WeissUW MadisonREDUCING PREJUDICE THROUGH DESCRIPTIVE REPRESENTATION: Evidence From A Natural Experiment in Israeli Medical Clinics
26/03/2020Ada Gonzáles-TorresBGULocal media and the spread of epidemics: evidence from Ebola in Guinea
23/01/2020Dan ZeltzerTAUDrug Diffusion Through Peer Networks: The Influence of Industry Payments
16/01/2020Amir Goren  UC IrvineFinancial Intermediation and the Lucas Puzzle
09/01/2020Elliot LipnowskiColumbia UniversityRank Uncertainty in Organizations
02/01/2020Ram FishmanTAU Public PolicyCan Agricultural Extension and Input Support Be Discontinued? Evidence from a Randomized Phase out in Uganda
collapse Year : 2019 ‎(23)
19/12/2019Magne MogstadUniversity of ChicagoReservation Wages and Workers’ Valuation of Job Flexibility: Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment
11/12/2019Joel MokyrNorthwestern University“The Holy Land of Industrialism” Rethinking the Industrial Revolution
05/12/2019Tali RegevIDCThose Who Tan and Those Who Don’t: A Natural Experiment on Colorism
28/11/2019Viacheslav SavitskiyBrownEnvironmental Roots of Labor-Leisure Preference
24/11/2019Luigi Ventura Sapienza Università di RomaHousehold Risksharing Channels
21/11/2019Moti MichaeliHaifaThe Vanishing Trial: a Dynamic Model
14/11/2019Eran HoffmannHUJIThe Cyclical Composition of Startups
07/11/2019Dominik SachsUniversity of MunichThe indirect fiscal benefits of low-skilled immigration
31/10/2019Hannah TrachtmanYale UniversityIntervention Externalities due to Limited Attention
20/06/2019Noam Yuchtman UC-BerkeleyPersistent Political Engagement: Social Interactions and the Dynamics of Political Movements
13/06/2019Dov SametTel-Aviv UniversityDesirability relations in Savage's model of decision making
06/06/2019Johanna RickneStockholm UEconomic Losers and Political Winners: Sweden's Radical Right
30/05/2019Josh Goodman Harvard (Kennedy)Heat and Learning
23/05/2019Jennifer L. DoleacTexas A&M UniversityThe effects of DNA databases on the deterrence and detection of offenders
02/05/2019Matthias DoepkeNorthwestern UniversityEmployment Protection, Investment in Job-Specific Skills, and Inequality Trends in the United States and Europe
11/04/2019Dudu LagzielBGUThe Strategic Role of Pay Secrecy in Labor Markets with Matching Frictions
04/04/2019Renee Adams Oxford (Business)Corporate Gender Culture
28/03/2019Fernando Luco Texas A&MVertical Integration with Multiproduct Firms: When Eliminating Double Marginalization May Hurt Consumers
14/03/2019Konrad MierendorffUCLOptimal Dynamic Allocation of Attention
07/03/2019Andrea IchinoEUIEconomic incentives, home production and gender identity norms
28/02/2019Christoph Vanberg Heidelberg Uni.Logrolling Affects the Relative Performance of Alternative q-Majority Rules
10/01/2019Matthias BlonskiGoethe University, FrankfurtMoral Hazard with Excess Returns
03/01/2019Eve Colson-Sihra Hebrew UThe Conspicuous Consumption of the Poor: Forgoing Calories for Aspirational Goods
collapse Year : 2018 ‎(27)
27/12/2018Revital Bar Hebrew UEthnic Discrimination in the Housing Market: Evidence from Israel
20/12/2018Mark SchankermanLSEScreening for Patent Quality
13/12/2018Costas MeghirYaleMarriages, Labor Supply and the Dynamics of the Social Safety Net
13/12/2018Juliana Londono-VelezBerkeleyCan Wealth Taxation Work in Developing Countries? Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Colombia
09/12/2018Yotam Shem-Tov BerkeleyDoes Incarceration Increase Crime?
29/11/2018Zvika NeemanTAUHow Bayesian Persuasion can Help Reduce Illegal Parking and Other Socially Undesirable Behavior
22/11/2018Nathan GoldsteinBIUWhat has happened to inflation persistence? A new expectations-based measure
15/11/2018Ity ShurtzHUJISocial Security, Labor Supply and Health of Older Workers: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from a Large Reform
08/11/2018Karine Van Der BeekBGUWheels of Change: The geographical origins of mechanization & industrialization in 18th century England
01/11/2018Itzhak Gilboa TAUSecond-Order Induction and Statistical Games
25/10/2018Bernard BlackNorthwestern (Law)The Effect of Health Insurance on Mortality: What Can We Learn from the Affordable Care Act Coverage Expansions?
21/06/2018David LeiserBGUHow We Misunderstand Economics and why it Matters: The Psychology of Bias, Distortion and Conspiracy
14/06/2018Petra PerssonStanfordThe Roots of Health Inequality and the Value of Intra-family Information
07/06/2018Tali LaromIDCThe labor market in Israel, 2000–2016
31/05/2018Omer OzakSMUBorderline Disorder: (De facto) Historical Ethnic Borders and Conflict in Africa
24/05/2018Itay SaportaTAUWhat Drives Differences in Management Practices?
10/05/2018Ariell ReshefParis School of EconomicsTechies, Trade, and Skill-Biased Productivity: Firm Level Evidence from France
03/05/2018Topi Miettinen Hanken School of EconomicsExploration in Teams and the Encouragement Effect: Theory and Experimental Evidence
26/04/2018Andrea Pozzi EIEFThe Cost of Distorted Financial Advice: Evidence from the Mortgage Market
10/04/2018David Pérez-Castrillo Universitat Autònoma de BarcelonaTBA
22/03/2018Oliver GürtlerUniversity of ColognePromotion signaling, discrimination, and positive discrimination policies
15/03/2018Jonathan MeerTexas A&M UniversityDropouts Need Not Apply: Minimum Wages and Skill Upgrading
08/03/2018Alex GershkovHUJIA Theory of Auctions with Endogenous Valuations
18/01/2018Dotan PersitzTAUSocial Clubs and Social Networks
11/01/2018Eran Yashiv TAUThe Importance of Hiring Frictions in Business Cycles
04/01/2018Jorge Ale Chilet U. Penn. Collusive Price Leadership in Retail Pharmacies in Chile
collapse Year : 2017 ‎(35)
28/12/2017Anat Bracha Federal Reserve Bank of BostonThe Effect of Text Reminders and APR Information on Creditworthiness in the United States
26/12/2017Beata Shwartz The Hebrew UniversityCompetition and Market Power in Deregulated Fertilizers in India
21/12/2017Yuval Salant Kelloge NorthwesternTBA
21/12/2017Shahar Rotberg University of TorontoShould Capital and Housing Be Taxed Differently?
14/12/2017Yaniv Yedid Levi University of British ColumbiaCan Sticky Quantities Explain Export Insensitivity to Exchange Rates? (with Doireann Fitzgerald and Stefanie Haller)
13/12/2017Alon Bergman University of RochesterThe Causal Effects of Pharmaceutical Payments on Physician Prescriptions
12/12/2017Ada    Gonzalez-TorresEuropean University Institute Epidemics and Conflict: Evidence from the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa
07/12/2017Ilan Cooper BI Norwegian Business SchoolWhat Drives Q and Investment Fluctuations?
07/12/2017Tanya Baron BGUHuman Capital Accumulation, Search Frictions and the Gender Wage Gap in Labor Market Equilibrium
30/11/2017Yael ElsterHUJIRockets and Votes
23/11/2017Kjell SalvanesNHHBreaking the Links: Natural Resource Booms and Intergenerational Mobility
16/11/2017Ity ShurtzHUJIPhysician workload and treatment choice: the case of primary care
09/11/2017Edith SandBOIReligion-based discrimination
02/11/2017Sergiu HartHUJISmooth Calibration, Leaky Forecasts, Finite Recall, and Nash Dynamics
29/06/2017Moshe Hoffman Harvard TBA
22/06/2017Ariell ZimranVanderbiltTBA
19/06/2017Hani Mansour University of Colorado DenverTBA
15/06/2017Shai Levi TAUTBA
08/06/2017Daniele PasermanBoston UniversityTBA
01/06/2017Moshe JustmanBGUEconomic Research and Education Policy: Project STAR and Class Size Reduction
25/05/2017Adi BrenderBank of IsraelTBA
18/05/2017Stefania AlbanesiUniveristy of PittsburghCredit Growth and the Financial Crisis: A New Narrative
11/05/2017Giovanni MastrobuoniEssexCriminal Discount Factors and Deterrence
07/05/2017Hodaya Lampert BGUPatents and Pools in Pyramidal Innovation Structures
04/05/2017Sivan Frenkel TAU Strategic Disclosure with a Partially Informed Market
27/04/2017Noah StoffmanKelley School of BusinessTrust Busting: The Effect of Fraud on Investor Behavior
20/04/2017Oren RigbiBGUThe Effect of Mandatory Disclosure of Supermarket Prices
30/03/2017Dan AmiramColumbia UniversityDo executive compensation contracts maximize firm value? Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment
23/03/2017Daniele NosenzoNottinghamPreferences for Truth-Telling
16/03/2017Alon KalayColumbia UniversityComplementarity between Audited Financial Reporting and Voluntary Disclosure: The Case of Former Andersen Clients
26/01/2017Elias Lafi Khalil Monash UniversityThe Aspirational Income Hypothesis: On the Limits of the Relative Income Hypothesis
19/01/2017Mark Koyama George Mason UniversityEconomic Shocks, Inter-Ethnic Complementarities and the Persecution of Minorities: Evidence from the Black Death
12/01/2017Ella Segev BGUSocial Learning and the Design of New Experience Goods
08/01/2017Yair Kochav BGUDoes Israel Suffer from Dutch Disease due to the High-Tech Sector?
05/01/2017David Lagziel (Job Talk)Tel Aviv University The Tried-Stone Scheme and a Million-Dollar Bet
collapse Year : 2016 ‎(34)
29/12/2016Jeffrey Mensch (Job Talk)Northwestern UniversityOn the Existence of Monotone Pure-Strategy Perfect Bayesian Equilibrium in Games with Complementarities
28/12/2016Tom Hamami (Job Talk)Northwestern UniversityNetwork Effects, Bargaining Power, and Product Review Bias:Theory and Evidence
22/12/2016Ofer Setty (Job Talk)TAUOn the Asset Allocation of a Default Pension Fund
21/12/2016Ben Meiselman (Job Talk)University of MichiganGhostbusting in Detroit: Evidence on nonfilers from a controlled field experiment
15/12/2016Adi Shany (Job Talk)Hebrew University Too Scared for School? The effects of terrorism on Israeli student achievement
08/12/2016Jorge Alé Chilet (Job Talk)The Hebrew UniversityGradually Rebuilding a Relationship: The Emergence of Collusion in Retail Pharmacies in Chile
01/12/2016Scott BakerKellogShopping for Lower Sales Tax Rates
24/11/2016Ori Katz (Job Talk) TAUThe Effect of Industrialization on Fertility and Human Capital in the 19th Century: Evidence from the United States
21/11/2016Ben Meiselman University of MichiganGhostbusting in Detroit: Evidence on nonfilers from a controlled field experiment
17/11/2016Assaf Sarid University of HaifaGeographical Origins and Economic Consequences of Language Structures
10/11/2016Ori HefetzHebrew UniversityForgetting and Heterogeneity in Task Delay: Evidence from New York City Parking-Ticket Recipients
03/11/2016Friedrich Schneider Linz UniversityThe Acceptance of Environmental Taxes: An Empirical Public Choice Investigation
30/06/2016Erez YoeliHarvardHarnessing Observability to Promote Large-Scale Cooperation
23/06/2016Inbal Talgam-CohenHebrew UniversityWhy Prices Need Algorithms
16/06/2016Eduardo Morales PrincetonThe Impact of Innovation in the Multinational Firm
09/06/2016Naomi Friedman-Sokuler BGUGender streaming and prior achievement in high school science and mathematics
02/06/2016David AbramsPennTo Plea or Not to Plea: Evidence from North Carolina
26/05/2016Mitchell Hoffman TorontoTBA
16/05/2016Jun Honda University of FrankfurtIntermediary Search for Suppliers in Procurement Auctions
16/05/2016David Lagziel Tel Aviv UniversityReward Schemes
05/05/2016Yaniv Yedid- Levi (UBC)TBA
14/04/2016Eliav Danziger Simon FraserTBA
07/04/2016David Neumark UC IrvineIs It Harder for Older Workers to Find Jobs? New and Improved Evidence from a Field Experiment
31/03/2016Subir Bose LeicesterTBA
17/03/2016Mark HoekstraTexas A&MThe Long-Run Effects of Disruptive Peers
10/03/2016Yacov Tsur Hebrew UniversityCoping with multiple catastrophic threats: An intertemporal approach
21/01/2016Andrea IchinoEUICognitive and non-cognitive costs of daycare 0–2 for girls
21/01/2016Saumitra JhaStanfordValuing Peace: The Effects of Financial Market Exposure on Votes and Political Attitudes
17/01/2016Dany Bahar  Inter-American Development Bank, The Brookings Institution, Harvard Center for International Development Migration, Knowledge Diffusion and the Comparative Advantage of Nations
14/01/2016Francis Bloch PSEThe formation of partnerships in social networks
13/01/2016Guidon Fenig (Job Talk) UBCComplementarity in the Private Provision of Public Goods by Homo Pecuniarius and Homo Behavioralis
10/01/2016Eytan Sheshinski Hebrew UniverstityTaxation of Natural Resources: extensions of Hotelling
07/01/2016Daniel Bird NorthwesternDynamic Nonmonetary Incentives
03/01/2016Gilad  Bavly (Job Talk)Bar-Ilan UniversityElasticity of Games
collapse Year : 2015 ‎(32)
31/12/2015Naomi Gershoni (Job Talk)TAUThe Impact of Extended Reproductive Time Horizons: Evidence from Israel’s Expansion of Access to IVF
27/12/2015Avihai Lifschitz (Job Talk) TAUPolitical Lobbying in a Recurring Environment
24/12/2015Dan Zeltzer (Job Talk)PrincetonGender Homophily in Referral Networks: Consequences for the Medicare Physician Pay Gap
17/12/2015Joshua Sherman (Job Talk)University of ViennaBargaining at Retail Stores: Evidence from Vienna
16/12/2015Miri Stryjan IIES, Stockholm UniversityElectoral rules and leader selection: experimental evidence from Ugandan community groups
10/12/2015Sefi Roth (Job Talk)LSEThe Contemporaneous Effect of Indoor Air Pollution on Cognitive Performance: Evidence from the UK
06/12/2015Yair Antler (Job Talk)TAUMultilateral Risk-Sharing with Manipulation
03/12/2015Tom VoglPrinceton Habit Formation in Voting: Evidence from Rainy Elections
26/11/2015Tania Baron(Job Talk)TAUWage Growth Decomposition: Mobility, Learning, and Loss of Human Capital in Unemployment Preliminary
19/11/2015Ron LaviTechnionContests for Revenue Share
12/11/2015Sarit WeisburdTel Aviv UniversityPolice Presence, Rapid Response Rates, and Crime Prevention
05/11/2015Raphael Franck Bar Ilan UniversityIs Industrialization Conducive to Long-Run Prosperity?
29/10/2015Michel Strawczynski HUJIThe optimal long-run EITC System
02/07/2015Yan ChenUniversity of MichiganSocial identity and online microfinance
25/06/2015Alan MillerUniversity of HaifaBenchmarking
18/06/2015Dan LevinOhio StateBridging Nash Equilibrium and Level-K Model
11/06/2015Assaf ZussmanHUJIRockets: The Housing Market Effects of a Credible Terrorist Threat
04/06/2015Ariel Levy Job TalkTechnionA Tale of Two Risks
28/05/2015Juan Carlos Suarez SerratoDuke UniversityState Taxes and Spatial Misallocation
21/05/2015Itai ArieliTechnionCommitments in Extensive Form Games
14/05/2015Daniel ShoagHarvard UniversityShops and the City Evidence on Local Externalities and Local Government Policy from Big-Box Bankruptcies
07/05/2015Itai AterTAUThe Economics of Rights: The Effect of the Right to Counsel
30/04/2015Roee Teper - Job Talk  University of Pittsburgh Learning the Krepsian State: Exploration Through Consumption
16/04/2015Ity Shurtz HUJIThe impact of age-based financing of screening tests on utilization and outcomes: the case of amniocentesis
26/03/2015Edith SandBank of IsraelOn The Origins of Gender Human Capital Gaps: Short and Long Term Consequences of Teachers’ Stereotypical Biases
19/03/2015Alex Krumer Ariel UniversityDoes the Corruption Perception Index Predict the Outcome of Competitions? Evidence from a Natural Experiment around the World
12/03/2015Moshe HazanTAUThe Baby Boom and World War II: A Macroeconomic Analysis
08/03/2015Doron NissaniBGUPortfolio Preference Using Lorentz Curves of k-th Order and the Gini Index
22/01/2015Giacomo DegiorgiICREA-MOVE,Barcelona GSE and UAB Moral Hazard in the Credit Market
15/01/2015Marc Patrick Brag KlempUniversity of CopenhagenThe Biocultural Origins of Human Capital Formation
14/01/2015Raphael CalelUC BerkeleyEnvironmental Policy and Directed Technological Change: Evidence from the European carbon market
01/01/2015Ran EilatTel-Aviv UniversityMediators and Bilateral Trade
collapse Year : 2014 ‎(25)
25/12/2014Pavel Jelnov Tel-Aviv UniversityThe Marriage Age U-shape
24/12/2014Ron PeretzLSEEmpirical Distribution of Equilibrium Play and Its Testing Application
18/12/2014Elyashiv WiedmanHUJIGood Information Cascades
17/12/2014Amnon MaltzNYURational Choice with Category Bias: Theory and Experiments
11/12/2014Alex FrugTel-Aviv UniversityStrategic Gradual Learning and Information Transmission
04/12/2014Assaf Romm Harvard UniversityAn Approximate Law of One Price in Random Assignment Games
13/11/2014Tomer BlumkinBGUDeserving Poor and the Desirability of a Minimum Wage
06/11/2014Kurt  MitmanyStockholm UniversityDo Unemployment Benefit Extensions Explain the Emergence of Jobless Recoveries?
30/10/2014Avraham Ebenstein Hebrew University of JerusalemPatrilocality and Missing Women
26/06/2014Markus BruecknerNational University of SingaporeEstimating Aggregate Capital-Output Elasticities
19/06/2014Limor HatzorThe Hebrew University of JerusalemHigher Education Funding - A Portfolio of Loans
05/06/2014David DillenbergerUniversity of PennsylvaniaCautious Expected Utility and the Certainty Effect
29/05/2014David Hugh-JonesUniversity of EssexWhy are heterogenous societies inefficient? Theory, history and an experiment
22/05/2014John KnowlesUniversity of SouthamptonDynamic Squeezing: Marriage and Fertility in France After World War One.
15/05/2014Ram Fishman GeorgeWashington UniversityDiffusion of a New Technology: Evidence from large scale data on drip irrigation adoption in Gujarat, India
08/05/2014Aniol Llorente-SaguerQueen Mary UniversityTBA
01/05/2014Todd KaplanHaifa University and University of ExeterAn Experiment on the Causes of Bank Run Contagions
24/04/2014Michael BeenstockThe Hebrew University of JerusalemRegional economic equilibrium in Israel: theory and econometric identification with nonstationary spatial panel data
03/04/2014Laura Gee Tufts UniversitySocial Networks and Labor Markets: How strong ties relate to job transmission on Facebook's social network
20/03/2014Yoram Halevy University of British ColumbiaNo Two Experiments are Identical
13/03/2014Moses Shayo  The Hebrew University of JerusalemCourts after Conflict
06/03/2014Samuel Holander BGUJohn Stuart Mill on Imperialism and Related Matters
16/01/2014Yaniv ReingewertzThe George Washington UniversityEducation Resources and Student Performance: Evidence from Arab municipalities in Israel
09/01/2014Liad Blumrosen The Hebrew UniversityRedistribution mechanisms
02/01/2014Moti MichaeliThe Hebrew UniversityThe Origins of In-Group Bias and the Cost of Signaling Sociality
collapse Year : 2013 ‎(12)
26/12/2013Yuval HellerOxford UniversityThree Steps Ahead
23/12/2013Yannay SpitzerNorthwestern University Pogroms, Networks, and Migration: The Jewish Migration from the Russian Empire to the United States 1881-1914
19/12/2013Sivan FrenkelThe Hebrew UniversityDynamic Asset Sales with Information Externalities
18/12/2013Martin Eichenbaum  Northwetsern UniversityUnemployment and Business Cycles
12/12/2013Werner Gueth Max Planck Institute of EconomicsUltimatum Bargaining and Related Experiments
09/12/2013Rania GihlebBoston UniversityDynamic Effects of Educational Assortative Mating on Labor Supply
05/12/2013Itay SaportaStanford UniversityJob Loss, Consumption and Unemployment Insurance
28/11/2013Yair Antler  Tel-Aviv UniversityTwo Sided Matching with Intrinsic Preferences Over Stated Rankings
21/11/2013Ohad RavehThe Hebrew UniversityCapital Imports Composition, Complementarities, and the Skill Premium in Developing Countries
14/11/2013David Leiser  BGUPublic understanding of major economics events: commonalities and differences
07/11/2013Panu PoutvaaraUniversity of MunichInternational Migration of Couples
02/01/2013Dan AmiramColumbia UniversityCorporate tax avoidance, shareholder dividend tax policy,