Mr. Shimon Adaf
Prose, poetry, and essayist writing workshops; world literature. cv
Prof. Tamar Alexander
Folk literature (tales, proverbs), folkloristic theory, Sephardic culture, magic. cv
Prof. Itzhak Ben Mordechai
The work of playwright Nissim Aloni; the literary and essayist work of Micha Yosef Berdichevsky
(Bin-Garion); the inter-relations of literature, folklore, and myth; Jewish literature in Poland / East Europe? and in the United States. cv
Dr. Amir Benbaji
Haskalah literature; Modern Hebrew literary theory; aesthetics; literary theory. cv
Dr. Haviva Ishay 
Hebrew poetry in Christian and Muslim Spain, types of links between Medieval Hebrew works and Arabic works, strategies for reading Medieval Hebrew texts, and the inter-textual capability of a contemporary reader dealing with ancient works. 
Dr. Uriah Kfir
Medieval Hebrew poetry: secular poetry, liturgical poetry, and rhymed prose; Hebrew poetry of Spain in the Middle Ages; secular poetry of Provence in the Middle Ages; center and periphery relations in Medieval Hebrew poetry. cv
Prof. Ilana Rosen
Documentary literature; oral personal narrative; proverb study; folkloristic theory and methodology; Holocaust memory and narrative; lore of Austro-Hungarian and Central European Jews; settlement narrative of southern Israel; Hebrew literature of Israelis of Egyptian origin. 
Prof. Yigal Schwartz
Hebrew literature from 1850 to the present; central issues in the historiography of Modern Hebrew literature: the shaping of space / space construction and the human engineering, socio-typology of Hebrew literature; ethics and poetics; literature, history, and mythology; literary editing and history of the book. cv
Dr. Batya Shimony
Modern Hebrew literature; mizrahi writers and writing: the writing of the 2nd and 3rd generation to the immigration to Israel; identity, gender, immigration and immigrants; the representation of the Holocaust in Israeli mizrahi literary discourse.  cv


Dr. Hamutal Tsamir
Reading Modern and Contemporary Hebrew poetry (of the 19th and 20th Centuries) from the perspectives of: gender, nationalism/Zionism/Judaism; literary history. cv
Dr. Haim Weiss
Rabbinic literature; the relations between Rabbinic literature and neighboring literatures and cultures (Hellenistic, Early Christian); folkloristic aspects of Rabbinic literature; the presence of the Rabbinic literature in Modern Israeli literature and culture. cv