Business & Management

The Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business & Management GGFBM serves as a foundation and inspiration for the Israeli business leadership of the 21st century. The Faculty promotes the development of advanced management reasoning, to instill innovative management skills and knowledge. The curriculums are structured and planned to provide the best possible management training and to equip our students to cope with the business challenges they will be facing throughout the frequently changing local and global business and management world and its varying sectors. The thousands of GGFBM graduates who have joined all avenues of management in Israel and abroad are a source of great pride for us.

The GGFBM champions commitment to social and environmental responsibility, responding to the specific challenges of the Negev region as well as to global development. This vision attracts researchers and students with original, resourceful entrepreneurial reasoning along with a social conscience and civic involvement. As such, the faculty and staff aspire to cultivate graduates who forge a better world through better management ethics and practices, with a strong foundation in the dynamic studies of the different GGFBM degree programs.

»​ MBA | International Program​


Desert Studies

​The Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research (BIDR), part of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), are acknowledged leaders in desert studies, widely respected in the international scientific community for the quality and creativity of their research and training programs.  In light of this global reputation and the worldwide need for expertise in the study of drylands, BGU, and the Blaustein Institutes have established the Albert Katz International School for Desert Studies, which offers programs leading to Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Desert Studies, Hydrology & Water Quality, Ecology & Nature Conservation, and Environmental Physics & Solar Energy. These multi-disciplinary research areas have emerged to help develop science-based responses to the urgent needs of humanity.

» Desert Studies

» Ecology and Nature Conservation​​​​​

» Hydrology and Water Quality

»​​ ​Environmental Physics and Solar Energy​



The vision of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences at Ben-Gurion University is both comprehensive and simple: to generate and advance knowledge in technology and to educate students to become leaders throughout modern technological society, and thereby to serve the people of the Negev, the State of Israel and the world community.  The Faculty especially focuses on promoting and advancing research and development of new technologies and methodologies.

List of Faculty Researchers and areas of interest  ​

Courses with the participation of at least one international student 
will be conducted in English in these departments:

» Materials Engineering

» Electro-Optical Engineering

» Mechanical Engineering

» Electrical and Computer Engineering

» Communication Systems Engineering

» Biomedical Engineering

» Industrial Engineering and Management

» Biotechnology Engineering

»  Nuclear Engineering

»  Software and Information Systems Engineering​

»  Mechatronics​ Engineering



The Faculty of Health Sciences at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev is dedicated to excellence in the education and training of doctors and medical professionals, as well as to excellence in medical research of all kinds. The mission of the FOHS is to educate medical professionals who consider patients holistically, within their familial, social, and cultural contexts. This unique community-centered approach is evident in our applicant screening process, which is based on individual interviews, student involvement in community health projects, and in the curriculums of our various schools and programs, emphasizing the bio-psycho-social approach.

Advanced world-class scientific research at the Faculty's research departments and centers, clinical divisions, and schools encompasses a broad range of topics and fields – from basic science to clinical. The scope of activities at the FOHS encompasses medicine in the widest sense, characteristic of our comprehensive and humanistic understanding of sickness and health.​


Humanities and Social Sciences

The research carried out by the Faculty will advance human knowledge, create research partnerships between different entities, and contribute to the development of new teaching programs.

The Faculty strives to build a committed academic community based on intellectual openness, critical awareness, curiosity, and open and respectful discourse, as well as to be a community that continually challenges its assumptions.

The Faculty aspires to create an academic community committed to research and to the education of our students for whom we should be role models.​

» Israel Studies

» Linguistics and Literature

» African Studies​



Natural Sciences

​The Faculty sees itself as fulfilling a two-fold purpose: basic scientific and advanced educational and research training of Israel's future scientists, creating a human infrastructure of the highest standard for the industrial and applied scientific requirements of the Negev and State of Israel; and the pursuit of scholarly research, basic and applied, in the disciplines of mathematics and natural sciences.

Natural sciences are the basis of many of the study programs at BGU.  As part of BGU's educational mission and as a basis for research the Faculty strives to provide a means for students to develop an understanding of natural sciences, and to educate scholars with a deep knowledge and understanding of the different related disciplines. We aim to develop independent, critical awareness and systematic research abilities in our students to create a new generation of researchers.  The undergraduate study programs include also several interdisciplinary programs aimed at providing excelling students with a rich platform for scientific, technological, and social changes.

Courses with the participation of at least one international student 
will be conducted in English in these departments:

» Chemistry

» Earth and Environmental Sciences

» Life Sciences

» Mathematics

» Physics