​​​​​​How Can I Register? Online registration is possible for applicants who have an Israeli ID number. Applicants without an Israeli ID number will be considered as international students and registration can be completed by filling out a form on the application website. Applicants who have high school diplomas, or equivalent certificates which qualify them for admission to university studies in their country of origin, are eligible for admission to undergraduate programs at BGU. It is the applicant's responsibility to provide all supporting documents and credentials and to ascertain that the application form is complete. Each application is considered on an individual basis. See the following for the admission requirements ​ Already Have a Bachelor’s Degree? Those with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited academic institution can enroll in a graduate degree program in a leading research university under the tutelage of researchers with a worldwide reputation, an innovative laboratory infrastructure, and the possibility to integrate unique realms of knowledge that are unavailable at any other Israeli university.

Doctoral Degrees

All postgraduate (Ph.D.) studies are administered through the Kreitman School of Advanced Studies.

Choose Your Field of Study

Selecting a study field and career path is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, as it will affect your personal and professional future.

What's the right discipline for you and how will the field you choose help you in the future? Is it better to follow your heart or your head? Should you study the subject in which you excelled in high school? What do you want to do in the future – work in management, education, engineering, or perhaps research?

​To schedule a personal consultation, please contact the Applicant Coordinator:
foreign_reg@bgu.ac.il , phone: 972-8-6461600

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