​​​​Gain hands-on research experience working alongside a BGU faculty member during a 3 to 12 month internship. The program aims to provide a flexible tailor-made framework. Students from diverse academic backgrounds, both undergraduate and graduate, can conduct their internship within BGU and outside of the university, through practical work assignments and experience. The first step is to find a host with research interests that match your academic background and goals. An internship can be conducted in all 6 BGU faculties, in all fields of research.

First step - find a host: Scholars@BGU

For Engineering researchers: https://in.bgu.ac.il/en/engn/Pages/ResearchersList.aspx


The student should have at least one year of academic experience and submit the following required documents: 
- An official copy of your Transcript of Study
- A digital photograph (JPG)
- CV/Resume
- Copy of Passport

There might be additional requirements upon the academic host's request.


Students must apply for a student visa (A2) via their local embassy or consulate prior to the arrival to Israel.
Once your advisor will confirm your request your admission letter will be sent to you.
For more information, visit our website​ or contact our Visa office at: vhi@bgu.ac.il​

Academic Framework

Under the supervision of the professional supervisors, students may typically be assigned to some or all of the following responsibilities: review literature, undertake research in a particular subject area, collect information on topics related to the subject area, organize data and documents, guide and participate in on-going research projects. 

Suggested Services:

On-campus housing – optional and according to the duration of Internship. For more information click here​.

Health Insurance - through the Harel Yedidim Insurance company and subject to their requirements and regulations. For more information click here​.​

Trips and Activities – payment per event.

For students receiving MASA scholarship, all the above components are mandatory and added to the cost of the Internship. 
Ask us more about the MASA opportunity. osp@bgu.ac.il

​Length of Program

The program can be set from 3 to 12 months according to the agreement between the student and the academic host.


Application Deadline: Rolling Admission

Online application form

​Service​ Fees

On-campus housing (Be'er-Sheva Campus): $450 per month (or part of a month) – Optional 
Full Access Student Card: $150 for up to 6 months - Mandatory. (Up to 3 months of stay -optional)​

Payment is available online via credit card or PayPal.