​​​​​​​​Health Insurance Procedures​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Every guest, visitor, professor, or student, as well as accompanying family members and dependents, associated with BGU, must be covered by a comprehensive health insurance policy provided by an Israeli provider, for the period of their stay in Israel. 

Please note: Having health insurance is mandatory in order to apply for a visa!​

Your insurance must cover the following areas:

  1. All medical emergencies
  2. Hospitalization
  3. Medical flight evacuation back to your home country
  4. Transportation of mortal remains
  5. All medical care provided to you in connection with COVID-19​
  6. Specific programs may have additional requirements​

How to obtain Medical Insurance:​

Students have used the following Israeli Health Insurance Providers:

Harel-Yedidim Insurance Agency's website (forms below)
*Please note that there are additional Israeli providers of health insurance. 

In order to purchase Harel-Yedidim health insurance through BGU please contact:

Be'er-Sheva campus: reach out to the Welcome Center

Sde Boker campus: email noanevo@bgu.ac.il

Harel-Yedidim offers two kinds of medical insurance: "Prestige" and "UMS". For details on each one of them and their differences click here:

Outline Of The Policies - UMS Prestige.pdf

Prices of health insurance are established by Harel-Yedidim. See details of the pricing for each level of coverage:

UMS Coverage (updated as of December 2023):

Insurance premiums (per insured) up to age 65: 11.26 shekels per day (4110.16 shekels per year) 

Prestige Coverage (updated as of October 2023):

Insurance premiums (per insured) up to age 65: 13.14 shekels per day (4795.2 shekels per year) ​

Relevant forms for obtaining medical insurance through Harel-Yedidim:

Forms for obtaining health insurance under the "UMS" Policy:​​

Forms for obtaining health insurance under the "Prestige" Policy: 

​For private payment via credit card fill-in this form (PDF Format)
For private payment through bank authorization fill-in this form (PDF Format)

For payment by bank transfer, please contact us at the Welcome Center.

Health Insurance for B1 Visa Holders: 

​According to Israeli Law, holders of B1 visas have to purchase a specific Health Insurance Policy, please contact the Welcome Center for further instructions.

​For Travel Insurance:

Israeli Health Insurance covers you only in Israel.
To be covered while abroad (outside of Israel) you must purchase travel insurance.

Harel-Yedidim Medical Policy Insurance (for visitors and students) is valid only in Israel. People covered by Harel-Yedidim who wish to travel outside Israel will need to purchase a "Travel Abroad" policy.

First Class Travel Policy
Payment Form

For payment by bank transfer, please contact us at the Welcome Center

Contact Details

The Welcome Center (Be'er-Sheva campus): Here4u@bgu.ac.il​

 Sde Boker Campus: noanevo@bgu.ac.il

Emergency Contacts at Harel-Yedidim:  

Harel Yedidim: 03-6386216

Amos Gilboa: 09-7441622

24/7 052-3250975 

E-mail: y_health@yedidim.co.il

Einat Cohen-Gilboa: 054-5297775

E-mail: Einat@yedidim.co.il