​​NEW - The student village at Beer-Sheva (North Campus - adjacent​ to the Main Campus)

The student village offers 1,000 students options ranging from studio apartments to married student housing on the north campus. Any registered student is eligible to apply for a room and the apartments are also suitable for religious students and those with disabilities. The rooms come fully furnished with a smart TV, beds, closets, desks, a full kitchen, sitting area and solar water heater. The student village also offers full maintenance service, 24/7 security, controlled access to the village and to each building, a 24-hour service hotline, bicycle rooms, laundry rooms, printers and more. A shopping center is also planned. 

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The Apartments

Prices include municipality fee ('Arnona'), all other costs are determined by use

Room in apartment for two roommates NIS 1,200         

Room in apartment for three roommates NIS 1,075       

Two room apartment for couples NIS 2,300       

Small studio NIS 1,350  

Large studio NIS 1,750

For more information contact reviswissa@gmail.com or visit the site »​

​Students' Dormitories at Beer-Sheva (Main Campus)

The dormitories are intended for all students coming for a minimum of one year, including students in the pre-academic preparatory programs, and accommodate about 1500 beds for singles and couples. The two dormitories are located on both sides of the campus, in Neighborhoods Gimel and Daled. Each dormitory has a supervisor in charge of the maintenance of the buildings, equipment, and regular and ongoing activities. Students are employed in the dormitories as social counselors to oversee social activity and solve personal and interpersonal problems among the students.

Housing information and prices for the Beer-Sheva campus Students' Dormitories  »

Graduate Student Housing at Beer-Sheva (Main Campus)

​​​BGU initiated the construction of a housing project for doctoral students with the desire to provide them with a high-quality and homogeneous residential environment close to BGU, enabling them to optimally combine their academic career with raising a family. ​

​​The complex is designed for couples and families of advanced degree students.
Preference will be given to Ph.D. students. Following them, postdoctoral and graduate students at BGU may apply for housing at the complex. 

Graduate Student Housing Information »

Students' Dormitories at Sede-Boqer 

The student dormitories of the Sede-Boqer Campus are in "Midreshet Ben-Gurion" and are intended for students who study mainly in the Sede-Boqer campus. It is located in the heart of the campus, close to the research institutes, classrooms, and laboratories.


There are 198 housing units, of the following types:

A. single units.
B. couple units.
C. Family units.

Dormitory Rental fees include municipal taxes, internet hook-up, as well as maintenance and janitorial services. Rent does not include electricity and water use. The students who live in the dormitories enjoy quality living conditions, including private units, with full basic accouterments including bed, cupboards, kitchen, tables, chairs, shelves, laundry lines, refrigerator, an electrical stove. Additional services include laundry machines, study rooms, computer rooms, a television room, etc. There is also a night duty person, for emergencies that occur after regular working hours.
A 24/7 security office is responsible for various security issues.

The rental agreement is renewed at the beginning of each academic year. For example:
2016/2017 agreement of permission

The dormitories are managed by the Hospitality Administration Department, whose goal is to provide a high level of service to both students and scientific guests of the campus. The department deals with Student dormitories, Guest House, Assistance with visa issues for students and overseas guests, Assistance with health insurance for students and overseas guests, Assistance with personal and social aspects of the residents' lives (including logistical, administrative, social and other issues).


More information for "Albert Katz International School for Desert Studies" applicants.

More information for "The Woodman-Scheller Israel Studies International Program (WSISIP)" applicants.


 Rules and Regulations

1.    Rent, electricity, and water can be paid by credit card, check or cash.

2.    Rent is paid monthly, electricity and water are paid once every 4 months.

3.    There is a standard, mandatory cash deposit upon moving into the dorms.

4.    Growing or feeding pets around the dorm area is forbidden.

5.    Lighting fire is forbidden around the dorm area.

6.    You should keep all the equipment in the apartment in good condition and
returned it in the same condition.

7.    Loud noise is forbidden after 23:00 pm. Please be considerate to your

8.    Drilling holes or altering the structure of the dormitories in any way is

9.    Do not take the furniture outside of the apartment.

10. Installing shade in the balcony of the apartment or in the dorm's area is

11. You should keep the apartment in appropriate and proper conditions.

12. Following the year visits will be performed to check if procedures are kept.

13. Washing and drying machines are located in the dormitories area. To operate
the machines, insert a 5NIS coin.

14. All students must have health insurance. Israeli insurance companies tend
NOT to insure for pre-existing conditions.