​​​​​​​Welcome to #Off_the_record - our weekly series where BGU International students talk to us about the important things in life - Hummus or Falafel? Hidden talents? Superpower you wish you had?

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Thömas Bastianelli from Italy​!

Thömas Bastianelli from Italy 

​Today we would like you to meet Thömas Bastianelli from Italy that is bringing a joyful Italian vibe to BGU! Thomas is pursuing his master’s in International Relations and Security at the University of Bologna, and came to Israel to participate in our Semester Exchange program!

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Isola Lekan from Nigeria! 

Isola Lekan from Nigeria
​This time, we are getting into Nigerian vibes with Isola Lekan from Nigeria! 🇳🇬 Isola is pursuing his master’s in Intelligence Systems at BGU, and when you meet him around campus – you can call him by his nickname Ola!

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 Felix Henkys from Germany!​

Felix Henkys from Germany

Felix just finished his Master’s in Economics at The University of Innsbruck and came to Israel to participate in our Hebrew Ulpan.
Felix is a real international student – he chose to study his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Austria, and before he came to our program in Israel, he studied a semester in Chile during his Master’s, and a year in Ecuador during high school!

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Jurgita Butkeviciene from Lithuania!​

Jurgita Butkeviciene from Lithuania

This time, we would like you to meet Jurgita Butkeviciene from Lithuania!  Jurgita is pursuing her Ph.D. In management at the Kaunas University Of Technology and came to Israel to participate in our Hebrew Ulpan.
Jurgita is a real superwoman – besides of pursuing her Ph.D., she is leading the International Women's Association of Vilnius, works as a CEO in an IT company, and while doing all that – she is raising three amazing children! 

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​Fanxing Du from China!​

Fanxing Du from China

Fanxing is pursuing her Master's in Public Health at Fudan University and came to Israel to participate in our “Global Health” summer program 🌏
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Juhi Singh from India!​

​Juhi studies Information technology at Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science, and came to Israel to participate in one of our summer programs: "Data Mining" 🎓
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