English Dictionary

The 108-points combined BA program is designed for students who have an interest in both linguistics and English literature.

Studying Literature

In both teaching and research the Department combines a strong emphasis on English and American literature and culture with a wider, comparative and interdisciplinary framework. The approach to literature and culture is diverse, both theoretically and methodologically, and literature and culture are examined from a variety of cognitive, formalist, historical, sociological, and psychological perspectives. The Department also encourages combined studies and interactions with other fields in the humanities and social sciences.

Studying Linguistics

The De​partment offers introductory and advanced courses in the core areas of linguistics– namely syntax (sentence structure), semantics (structure of meaning), phonology (structure of sounds), lexicon (mental dictionary) – as well as in more applied areas of linguistics, such as language acquisition (how children acquire language), language disorders, neurolinguistics (language and the brain), bilingualism, English as a second language, linguistics and science fiction, and theory of communication.

For further information, please visit the Department of Foreign Literatures and Linguistics

Admission Requirements:

» High school diploma.

» SAT score that is equivalent to at least 550 on the Israeli psychometric entrance examination (the sections that are taken into consideration are critical reading and math)

» English proficiency: a score of 600 or above in the critical reading section of the SAT exam.

Mandatory documents for preliminary consideration:

» High School Diploma/ matriculation
» Transcript of secondary school records
» SAT scores/ Psychometric entrance examination
» Photocopy of passport
» Any other specific documents required by the Department.

All certificates must be sealed and signed by the issuing authorities.