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Eligibility for Admission

Applicants with matriculation certificates or high school diplomas from abroad.

Grade transcripts and certificates submitted as part of the application procedure must be originals or photocopies authorized by the candidate's school or university.
A notarized translation must accompany transcripts in languages other than English.

Semester Dates

Fall Semester 2024: November 2, 2024-January 31, 2025

Spring Semester 2025: March 16, 2025 - June 27, 2025

Link to Apply

Please visit our application portal »
Follow the instructions to create a user ID and password as a "New User."

Standardized test (Psychometric Entrance Examination / SAT / ACT)

As part of the application process - all applicants must submit a standardized test score.

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) accepts SAT / ACT results as a substitute for the Israeli Psychometric Entrance Examination.

That includes candidates with an academic background who are applying to an advanced year.

SAT scores are converted in terms of the scale of the Israeli Psychometric Entrance Examination. The examinee's SAT score will be calculated using the critical reading and mathematics sections only. The scores of applicants taking the new SAT will be converted to the old SAT.

ACT scores are converted to SAT according to the College Board concordance tables.

Only an original copy or a copy approved by the Registration Unit of Ben-Gurion University will be considered in the evaluation for acceptance.

For applicants who submit SAT / ACT scores and also take the psychometric exam, the higher score will be considered.

Knowledge of English

Every student must take a proficiency exam to determine his or her proficiency level in English. The test can be taken either as part of the Psychometric Entrance Examination/SAT or separately (AMIR exam)

For those submitting SAT scores, the candidate's English proficiency level will be determined based on the critical reading section of the SAT score (excluding the new “essay" section), or the test score on the English Proficiency Exam (AMIR exam), whichever is higher.

The proficiency exams classify students into five levels:

LevelPsychometric scoresSAT Scores (according to the reading section only)
Advanced A100-119500-599
Advanced B120-133600-669


Application process

1.    Complete the application form ​and submit supporting ​documents required by the program such as matriculation certificates or high school diplomas for an eligibility examination.

2​.    Pay the application fee.

3.    Documents are reviewed and a decision is made.

4.    Receive a formal letter of acceptance/rejection.

5.    If accepted – pay the downpayment.

6.    Apply for a student visa and health insurance.

Mandatory documents for preliminary consideration:

» High School Diploma/ matriculation
» Transcript of secondary school records 
» SAT scores/ Psychometric entrance examination 
» Photocopy of passport
» Any other specific documents required by the Department.

All certificates must be sealed and signed by the issuing authorities.​

Important - Any student who wants to study in Israel must obtain an A-2 visa (Student visa) from the Israeli embassy/ consulate in the country of his residence. 
Information about Visa and Health Insurance