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Here at the Office of International Academic Affairs, we are happy to provide all the necessary assistance and know-how to help you obtain the relevant visa. Please understand that it is your sole responsibility to make sure the visa is valid throughout your stay at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

The law in Israel requires that your visa reflects the purpose of your stay in Israel. Upon entering Israel, your passport needs to be valid for at least another six months past your issued visa expiration date.

Please note: foreigners who enter Israel with a tourist visa will not be allowed to change the type of their visa, and will be forced to leave Israel, return to their home country and re-enter with the proper visa.


As a first time appli​cant for visa:

In order to enter and stay in Israel, you must obtain an appropriate and up-to-date visa that is in correlation with the purpose of your stay. Please make sure to follow the following steps:

- Please contact the visa coordinator at BGU in order to get an assistance with your visa application.

Visa Coordinator for students from Beer-Sheva:

Visa Coordinator for students from Sede Boker:​

- Obtain a health insurance (also possible through the Office of International Academic Affairs).This is a mandatory request.
- Obtain an acceptance/explanation letter from BGU.
- Visit the closest Israel representation with the acceptance letter and other documents requested by the relevant representation, in order to stamp your passport with the relevant visa.
- Send a scanned copy of your health insurance policy, acceptance letter and visa to your Visa Coordinator.

When you arrive at BGU, please bring a copy of your entrance permit, received at the passport control, to the visa coordinator. Please note that all foreign citizens must carry a valid copy of visa and passport at all times.

Visa Extension:

In order to extend your visa in Israel, you must submit all the relevant documents to the visa coordinator at BGU. For more information about required documents, please find the relevant visa categories for you from the list elaborated below.

Please take under account that the visa application process takes time. Be sure to apply for your visa extension one month before it expires.


Visa​ Types:

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