​​​​​​Life Sciences Laboritory 

The Department of Life Sciences comprises a team of investigators conducting cutting edge research in numerous realms of modern biology.

Topics being addressed in departmental laboratories span the entire size range of biology, beginning with the determination of protein structures at atom-level resolution, continuing to the examination of single-celled organisms and multi-cellular systems and reaching the study of whole animals and communities. In tackling questions related to protein science, microbiology, development, physiology, neurobiology, genomics, structural biology, ecology and other fields, researchers in the Department of Life Sciences rely on a wide variety of experimental systems, including bacteria, archaea, yeast, plants, insects, fish and other forms of marine life, rodents, and mammals, to unravel the mystery of life at the gene, protein, cell, system and organism levels.

The M.Sc. program offers a Thesis (research) track and requires two years of full-time study. Outstanding students may join the combined M.Sc.-Ph.D. track during the 2nd year of their M.Sc. studies.

For further information please visit the Life Sciences website

M.Sc. Requirements:

» A B.Sc. degree in Life sciences, or an equivalent that is relevant to the specific research field selected, from an accredited university.
» B.Sc. Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 83/ 100.
» Two letters of recommendation from faculty members; one of which should be from the potential advisor.
» A TOEFL score of at least 85/120 or the equivalent score in an internationally recognized English proficiency exam is required. The English proficiency requirement is waived for applicants who received their B.Sc. degree in a program taught in English.
» Prior to applying to the M.Sc. program, the international applicant is advised to contact a potential advisor from the Department. 

In order to assist you in finding an advisor, please visit the BGU Research portal

Mandatory documents for preliminary consideration:

» A copy of the applicant's undergraduate diploma
» A copy of the applicant's academic tra​nscripts
» A copy of the applicant's TOEFL/IETLS score
» Two letters of recommendation from faculty members who are familiar with the applicant's academic work and skills. These should be sent by the recommender directly to foreign_reg@bgu.ac.il
» A copy of the first page of your passport
» A copy of your CV

Please note: original documents must be presented upon arriving in Israel.