Professor Gabriel Schreiber was born in Tel Aviv. He completed an undergraduate degree in biology and an MSc in biochemistry at Tel Aviv University, and then enrolled in the Tel-Aviv University medical school in parallel to earning a PhD in neuro-biochemistry. His completed his residency in psychiatry at the Beer-Sheva Mental Health Center.

Professor Schreiber joined the faculty of the FOHS at BGU in 1986. He served as a professor of psychiatry and clinical pharmacology at the Faculty, and headed the Psychiatric Department at the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon.  He was elected Dean of the Faculty in 2011, serving in this position until 2014.

During his tenure as Dean, there was a marked increase in enrollment in the medical and nursing schools, in the volume of submissions of research proposals, and the number of research grants won by faculty members. In addition, a pre-med program was inaugurated and mentoring and inter-professional education (IPE) frameworks were instituted.

Professor Schreiber's psycho-pharmaceutical research focuses on antidepressants and mood stabilizers, pathophysiology, and diagnosis and treatment of mood disorders.  His outstanding research of depression has been recognized in a number of prestigious international awards.