​​T​​he primary aim of the Wound Healing Hub is to consolidate multidisciplinary basic and clinical research revolving around the important medical unmet need of impaired wound healing. It serves as the center for collaborative efforts in basic, translational and clinical research.

Chronic wounds represent a major health-related challenge which debilitates patients and often leads to severe complications, such as amputations and even death. A patient suffering from chronic wounds burdens not only himself, but family members and caregivers as well. Whether it is an extensive burn, surgical scar, pulmonary fibrosis lesions, chemotherapy induced lesions, an infected wound or a diabetic wound, available treatments are very limited. Current treatment strategies focus primarily on providing optimal wound environment, infection control and management of co-morbidities with few available therapies showing efficacy in actively shifting a non-healing wound toward a healing state.

Wound healing research spans multiple medical research fields, including diabetes research, trauma and surgery, ​biology of aging and processes such as inflammation, ischemia, fibrosis and immune response. This drastically hinders the ability of a single researcher to generate a critical mass of research activity which will eventually lead to a novel therapeutic intervention. Furthermore, support for even a small-scale clinical trial requires extensive resources which are less likely to be available to any single academic researcher.

The Wound Healing hub brings together multiple researchers from diverse fields and institutions to work collaboratively on​ basic, translational and clinical research so as to resolve these obstacles to research breakthroughs. ​Furthermore, the hub will strive to produce high impact peer reviewed publications and serve as a platform for training research students, medical interns and clinicians in basic wound healing research.

  • For more information, please contact the hub coordinators:
  • Prof. Eli Lewis, Clinical Biochemistry & Pharmacology (lewis@bgu.ac.il)
  • Prof. Eldad Silberstein, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (eldads@bgu.ac.il)​


Upcoming event: Monday 04.07.2022​: 

Workshop : IMPAIRED TISSUE REPAIR   (event web-page here)