​The Active Aging research hub is an interdisciplinary research center formed  in order to promote a better ​understanding of the processes underlying aging and to improve the early risk detection of motor and cognitive impairments. Both are critical to the development of an effective clinical intervention to reduce risks, improving function and well-being, and promoting Active Aging. 


  1. Improve the understanding of underlying mechanisms of the aging process using pre-clinical and clinical studies, including both functional and structural imaging approaches
  2. Study the motor and cognitive deficits of older adults suffering from motor disorders with the aim of correlating specific disabilities with imaging results
  3. Develop programs to preserve walking and cognitive function
  4. Establish an interdisciplinary research program to facilitate grant activities
  5. Facilitate the training of undergraduate and graduate students through bi-monthly research seminars
  6. Develop new innovative interdisciplinary courses
  7. Optimal utilization of research laboratories (i.e., sharing systems)​

  • For more information, contact the hub coordinators:
  • Prof. Itshak Melzer, Physical Therapy (itzikm@bgu.ac.il)
  • Dr. Lior Shmuelof, Brain & Cognitive Sciences
  • Dr. Simona Bar-Haim, Physical Therapy​