​The School of Medical Laboratory Sciences, the first school of its kind in Israel, was established in 1997 to educate academic personnel for medical and research laboratories. The School offers the Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences (B.Med.Lab.Sc.) degree as a 3-year diploma. The School's mission is to train a generation of highly skilled and versatile medical laboratory workers and scientists for work throughout the health sector, including academia, government laboratories and high-technology industries. The school's program has also recently been recognized by the Council for Higher Education as pre-med track.

Students enrolled in our program come from all sectors of society, contributing to the development of their respective communities and the periphery as a whole. More than 70% of the School's graduates continue towards M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in the fields of natural, medical and biotechnological studies, and many also go on to earn MD degrees.​​

The school offers a direct track to a master's degree (M.Sc.) in medical sciences to excelling students in their third year of studies, reflecting the excellence of the school and its students, as well as its reputation throughout the industry and the country.  

To learn more about admission requirements, courses and program structure, visit our Hebrew website. ​​

Head of the School: Prof. Yael Segev (08-6479537)​

  • School Secretary: Ms. Ronit Atiyas
  • phone: 08-6479535
  • Fax: 08-6479579
  • email: atiyas@bgu.ac.il​