The hub, focusing on precision medicine in oncology and including 38 members from ten departments in Soroka and BGU, is envision​​​ed as a platform for discussion and action in academic research on oncology aiming to solve international cancer problems, and those specific to the Negev population.

Precis​ion medicine in oncology has become the leading therapeutic approach and currently most new treatments are tailored to the individual cancer patient, based on his/her cancer’s molecular characteristics. This paradigm-shift in cancer patient care has opened up a wide spectrum of multi-disciplinarily research opportunities for cancer diagnostics and therapy, but also requires merging and integrating multiple areas of expertise, including of pharmaceutics, cell biology, biochemistry, computational biology, oncology, radiation, and surgical oncology.

The hub's pri​mary goal is to facilitate cutting-edge multi-disciplinary research collaborations between basic-translational-applicative researchers at BGU and oncology-surgery-oncology-pathology clinicians from Soroka. Our major interest is research in cancer therapy, with a particular focus on chemotherapy, targeted-therapy and immunotherapy. 

For more information, please contact the hub coordinators:
Moshe Elkabets, Microbiology, Immunology & Genetics (
Itzhak Avital, Soroka-BGU Center for Advanced Cancer Care (​