Dear members of the Faculty of Health Sciences community,

The Faculty of Health Sciences, the cornerstone of the healthcare system in southern Israel, has been my professional and personal home for more than three decades. 

As a graduate of the Faculty and as someone who was educated throughout her life in the South, I feel obligated to invest all my resources, experience and skills in shaping the face of the Faculty. As Dean, I intend to prepare the Faculty of Health Sciences to meet the challenges of the coming decade and position it as a leading institution in the Negev, in Israel and throughout the world.

Grounded in my deep commitment to human and community health, I will strive as Dean to lead scientific, educational, and clinical excellence. At the same time, I will endeavor to strengthen the human resources of the Faculty and foster an outstanding cadre of leadership in the health and research professions; A cadre that will remain committed to the medical centers, community clinics, rehabilitation centers and other sites in the Negev where they serve. In addition, I will promote innovative, cutting-edge, multidisciplinary research aimed at achieving groundbreaking scientific achievements and develop new academic programs and management processes focused on improving the Faculty and its teaching programs.

Like my predecessors, the founders, and past heads of the Faculty, I will continue to train the future generation of doctors, health professionals, and medical research professionals, in the" Beer-Sheva spirit," while leading adjustments and changes in response to our changing times.

I will promote innovative teaching methods, simulation as an educational tool, entrepreneurship, and innovation, and continued updating of our teaching content, with a focus on personalized medicine, computational medicine, preventive medicine, and global health.

In the spirit of the Faculty, I will advocate the values of equality, diversity and inclusion, both in the admissions processes of the various schools in the Faculty and in the integration of faculty members from different backgrounds. I will maintain a constant, inclusive, respectful, and mediating dialogue between all partners along the way. 

As a representative of the Faculty, I will deepen our involvement in outreach in collaboration with our student union, ASRN – Association of Health Sciences Students in the Negev, and expand the  Faculty's involvement with underprivileged populations and disadvantaged communities.

I invite you to visit the Faculty of Health Sciences' website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to become better acquainted with our research, academic degree programs, and activities.

My door is open to all.



Prof. Reli Hershkovitz