Ben-Gurion University of the Negev continues to grow, adding talented new researchers from top institutions every year. Like their fields of research, they are interesting, diverse and creative – we are proud to welcome them to the BGU community.​​​​
  • Dr. Michal Birkenfeld

    Department of Bible Studies, Archeology and the Ancient Near East

  • Dr. Itay Marienberg-Millikowsky

    Department of Hebrew Literature

  • Dr. Dean Doron

    Department of Computer Science

  • Dr. Anat Reiner Ben-Naim

    Department of Public Health

  • Dr. Tom Gordon-Hecker

    Department of Management

  • Dr. Moshe Harats

    Department of Materials Engineering

  • Dr. Rafi Grosglik

    ​​Department of Sociology and Anthropology