​​​​​​​​​​🛎️ International student or researcher: If you have a permanent resident permit, in order to ensure that you receive all your rights, please submit this pe​rmit to Ms. Zohar Keren, Student Accounts Division, email: heshbons@bgu.ac.il ​​

​​​​Dear Students and newly admitted students,

In preparation for the start of the 2023-2024 academic year, we have summarized the various options for paying the tuition to BGU. Before the beginning of the academic year, a Bundle of vouchers with various payment options will be mailed to mail address you entered. The entire tuition may be prepaid in cash or by credit card payments, spread into payments by a standing order or by credit, paid by vouchers or you may use your IDF Pikadon (deposit for released IDF soldiers).

Tuition Rates and Accompanying Services for the 2023-2024 Academic Year:

» Basic regular tuition: NIS 15265

» Reduced basic undergraduate tuition fee: NIS 11296

» Welfare fee: NIS 448(optional)

» Security fee: NIS 637 (mandatory)

​Read the following guide so you can choose what is the most convenient way for you to pay the tuition:

Options for payment of tuition

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Note: A prerequisite for enrolling for courses is payment for the courses and settling all of your previous debts​

​✓ If you do not have a prepayment voucher (returning students), your payment options are:
» To print it out at the voucher stand next to the Student Accounts Unit (Student Building, 1st floor). 
» To print it out from the website and pay at the Postal Bank (only).
»​ To pay by credit card on the website.

For your attention, master's degree students: After accumulating 200% of tuition fees, if you have not yet completed the required credits for the degree, you will pay tuition in accordance with your course load.

✓ Collection of payment to the representative national student union
The National Union of Israeli Students has been recognized one year ago as the student union representing students nationwide, after representing students for over 80 years. 

The Student Union deals with all aspects of life concerning students and young people in Israel, from promoting an academic policy and assistance for special populations through mass transit reforms and housing for students and young people to social involvement and scholarships. 

In light of this recognition, as defined in the amendment to the Student Rights Law, from the 2019 academic year in accordance with the directive of the Council for Higher Education-Planning & Budget Committee, every undergraduate and graduate student will be required to pay an obligatory fee of NIS 10 to the National Union of Israeli Students.

These funds will be used by the Student Union for the betterment of student life and the individual student, and will give the union the leeway to realize those goals and objectives. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Union offices.

Students wishing to join the gym
(subject to enrollment for courses in each semester and payment of the welfare fee) are required to present a medical certificate signed by an attending physician or a checkup from a sports institute when coming to work out at the gym. Please note: Without updating the membership system, you will not be allowed entry to the gym.

Students may waive welf​are services if they notify to this effect in advance and no later than September 14, 2023.
The notification​ must be sent to the Student Accounts Unit by email: heshbons@bgu.ac.il

In each query, please send your ID number / BGU ID number (850…)

 Welfare services include:
discount tickets for Student Day and all other Student Union events, counseling meeting with a lawyer from the Student Union, discounts on psychological co​unseling, tutoring lessons and various mentoring programs, entitlement to participate in a lottery for a BGU parking tag, access to a database of exams and course summaries, use of the Student Union library, etc.

Welfare payment isn't mandatory and can be wavered by sending this form to heshbons@bgu.ac.il

We congratulate you and wish you success in your studies and research at BGU!

Student Accounts Unit
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

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