Trumpeldor Gallery is a contemporary art space originally opened in March 20212 as HaBe'er (The Well). The gallery is located in the Old City of Beersheba, and is administered by the Department of the Arts at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. The establishment of the gallery was a jointly initiated and financed by the Beersheba municipality, Ben-Gurion University, and the Rashi Foundation. The gallery is a non-profit center intended to promote and organize exhibitions, as well as art and cultural activities. The gallery promotes the exhibition of high-quality art and a wide range of group and solo exhibitions, alongside collaborations with guest curators. Every year, the gallery also hosts exhibitions curated by BA and MA students in the Department of the Arts' curatorial program, as well as an exhibition of works by graduates of the BFA program. 

Admission to the gallery and participation in featured events is free of charge.

Opening Hours: Thursday-Friday 10:00-14:00​


Currently at the gallery: New Groop Exhibition: Play - Ground 

Yael Bartana, Michael Druks, Malki Tesler, Nevet Yitzhak, Orit Ishay, Sigalit Landau,

Shahar Marcus, Yossi Atia, Itamar Rose.​


Play and limits are the central themes explored in the current exhibition. “Play – Ground" centers on video works created over the past decade by Israeli artists, who employ playful elements in order to rethink moral limits, spirituality, gender identity, ethnic and/or national identity, conflicts, territorial divisions, and more.

Whereas these works differ from one another both thematically and formally, most attend to play as an organizing principal for the creation of artistic and social meaning. Often, the rules of the game serve to underscore the creation of arbitrary limits, while pointing to the difficulty of rupturing them. Each of the works offers its own reinterpretation of the limits of the game, exploring the forms of discrimination that may exist alongside the rules of fair play. Some of the works even point to the liberating potential of adhering to certain rules of the game, while partially breaking others.

The choice of play as the skeleton of an artwork invites a return to childhood experiences, while confronting the viewer with violence, a sharp knife, the shock waves of an explosion, and fortified walls, as an opportunity to critically consider the boundaries of artistic creation and local reality. An exploration of play and limits in Israeli video art surfaced as early as the 1970s. The contemporary works in the exhibition appear alongside one of the early works created by the artist Michael Drucks, thus demonstrating that “the rules of the game" are not new.

​ * This exhibition was jointly curated by BFA students in the department of the arts, Ben Gurion University, within the framework of a course on curating, Guided by Dr. Maayan Amir. 

מלכי טסלר דימוי 2.png

PMalki Tesler, Play Ground, 2008​. Photo by Ariela Shimshon.

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