The Senate Gallery is a contemporary art space located in the George Shrute Center at the Samuel and Milada Ayrton University Center. The gallery opened in 2000. It features group and solo exhibitions, alongside collaborations with guest curators. 

Every year, the gallery also hosts exhibitions curated by BA and MA students in the Department of the Arts’ curatorial program, as well as an exhibition of works by graduates of the BFA program.

Currently at the gallery: “Exhibition by the Graduates of the Creative Division​"

Curated by Ventilator


Department of the Arts

[When] you can see the whole in a very small fragment. A universal vantage point is not a prerequisite for detailed examination.

—Jacques Rancière  

This exhibition presents a selection of works in a range of mediums – the product of eight months of experimentation conducted by the students in the Department of the Arts in thinking about contemporary art. The concerns that catalyzed this creative process include a range of burning issues – the oppression of women, environmental struggles, discrimination, violence in society, identity crises and distorted models of beauty and consumption. The works on display remind us that language and technologies of representation do not necessarily enable us to transcend the forces of injustice – indeed, in some cases, they function in collusion with them, while in other cases they even render injustices more extreme. The current exhibition brings together worlds perceived as existing in a constant state of conflict, alongside opposing opinions, contrasting impulses and competing worldviews. Nevertheless, it seems that the transition to the language of art transforms the time spent in the exhibition space and the observation of the works into an opportunity to experience a multitude of voices, while standing in opposition to various rifts, stereotypical thinking, and narrowmindedness, and underscoring art's ability to transcend arbitrary limitations.


Dr. Maayan Amir and Ariel Asseo, course instructors

Achav Ron, Adan Elamur, Adiel Guetta, Amjaad Abu Riash, Ariel Berlinger, Chen Mazal Ross, Chen Udelsman,Gal Ben Harush, Ittai Dor, Janna Bogdanov, Lihi Gutglick, Maya Shifrin, Miri Baranov, Mohammed Yassin, Noa Millo, Paz Yaari, Shani Gurevich, Sivan Pinhas, Tamar Azulay, Tamar Scholnik, Tasneem Khateeb, Tayma Amer, Tut Kibovitch, Tzufit Livman, Yaeli Katz

Installation  by Tamar Azulay, 2022. Photo by Achav Ron.jpg

Installation  by Tamar Azulay, 2022. Photo by Achav​ Ron​

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