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Israeli researchers find possible new therapies for rare neurological disorderJPost5/24/2022
Hundreds of Bedouin students wave Palestinian flags at south Israel universityYNet5/23/2022
Ben-Gurion University students hold flag-waving pro-Palestinian rally, drawing furorThe Times of Israel5/23/2022
Nakba Day Rally in Southern Israel Draws Mayor's IreHa'aretz5/23/2022
Sylvan Adams receives honorary doctorate from Ben Gurion UniversityJPost5/23/2022
Bedouin students wave Palestinian flags in Ben-Gurion University protestJPost5/19/2022
Could urbanization kill us?JPost5/17/2022
Fish could feed the world. These BGU researchers know howJPost5/15/2022
Philanthropy still safe and soundJPost5/15/2022
Surprising Source Sheds Light on Ancient Nabataean–Roman Trade Across the NegevThe Jewish Press5/12/2022
Digging through ancient garbage reveals new perspective on famed Nabatean trade routeJPost5/12/2022
Israeli research on ancient rubbish shine light on Incense Trade RouteYNet5/11/2022
Novel nasal spray delivers psychedelic drugs for PTSDIsrael21C5/10/2022
Ukrainian students, academics fleeing war begin studies at Israeli universitiesThe Times of Israel5/10/2022
Israeli Company to Unveil Psilocybin Nasal Spray SystemHigh Times5/9/2022
Wastewater Study Shows Delta Variant Could Make a ComebackNo Camels5/8/2022
Scientists warn Delta variant could return this summerIsrael21C5/8/2022
Translational Medical Research Building Under Construction at BGUThe Jewish Press5/4/2022
Delta or different variant may cause another Covid outbreak: StudyBusiness Standard5/4/2022
Summer may bring resurgence of Delta variant, Ben Gurion U research indicatesTimes of Israel5/2/2022
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