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Don’t shop on your phone, shop on your computer!Israel21C11/28/2019
Building An Israel-US SuperhighwayNoCamels11/27/2019
Algorithm can sum up texts in any languageTimes of Israel11/26/2019
New Israeli App Allows Readers to Summarize Long TextsBreaking Israel News11/26/2019
Rhode Island signs cooperation agreement with Ben-Gurion UniversityTimes of Israel11/26/2019
Rhode Island governor signs MoU with Ben-Gurion University of the NegevJNS11/26/2019
3 reasons to not do your holiday shopping on your smartphoneMarket Watch11/26/2019
NASA to Send Solar Generator Prototype Developed in Israel to SpaceCTech Calcalist11/26/2019
Israeli team invents automated method to summarize textsJPost11/25/2019
Governor Raimondo returns from economic development trip to IsraelWhat's Up Newp11/25/2019
This one tip will help you shop smarter this holiday seasonFrom the Grapevine11/25/2019
Israeli solar power generator going up to Space StationIsrael21C11/24/2019
Mobile shopping sites may cause consumers to make worse purchasesElectronics 36011/22/2019
Black Friday: Why you make better shopping decisions on your laptop than your phoneCNet11/22/2019
Ben-Gurion University and Colorado Cannabis Company Collaborate on CBD Skin TreatmentsBoulder Jewish News11/21/2019
Rhode Island Signs MoU With Ben Gurion UniversityCTech Calcalist11/21/2019
Why you shouldn't use your phone to shop onlineTreehugger11/21/2019
Cybershoppers make better buying decisions on PCs than phones: studyPhys.org11/21/2019
New Israeli Study Reveals: Consumers Make Better Buying Decisions on PCs than on Smart PhonesBreaking Israel News11/21/2019
Brush with history: Raimondo is in Israel as Netanyahu is indictedProvidence Journal11/21/2019
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