The University Center for External Studies (UCES) at Ben-Gurion University was established in order to strengthen the ties between the University and the public at-large.  The Center offers the possibility of on-campus instruction via a range of possibilities: academic courses for credit points, certification, a variety of professional courses, and specially developed courses for personal enrichment.
Courses are held in an academic atmosphere, combining theoretical material with the practical knowledge required for real-world scenarios in the workplace. Instruction, incorporating the most talented academic faculty on the one hand, with experts and senior executives from commercial and leading organizations on the other hand, ensures course material which is tailored to the professional needs of those enrolled.   
The Center offers a variety of programs and study options:
·         Certification studies and professional retraining (based on practical employment options)
·         Professional courses in a variety of areas
·         Academic courses for either credit or personal enrichment
·         Cultural enrichment and language courses
·         Internal training and development programs for organizations
Certification Studies and Professional Retraining:
The Center, together with various University departments and faculty members, offers customized programs for general instruction, professional retraining, and specialization in various fields.  These programs are open to University students, graduates, and the general public and various options exist allowing participants the possibility for enrollment either during or after their degree studies.
Among the programs offered are options for:  organizational consultants and development professionals, family economic counseling, Arabic translation studies, and training for payroll accountants.
Professional Courses:
The professional courses which are offered span a wide range of areas, including: management, finance, marketing, engineering, social work, professional caregiving, and other unique topics which are developed from time to time.  The courses provide skills and professional tools customized for the area of instruction, enabling participants to both acquire new knowledge, and, deepen their understanding in fields already familiar to them.
The course list includes: executive training, project management, industrial and operations management, group counseling, art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), statistics, labor law, public procurement law, general and family-oriented mediation, environmental protection, and engineering studies.
Some of the courses are recognized as professional education in accordance with "gimul  hishtalmut" in Israel and can result in salary benefits.
Academic Courses for Credit:
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, via the University Center for External Studies (UCES), enables external students to take academic courses at BGU and earn credit points accordingly.
Instruction is within the framework of the University's fixed curriculum; external students join with regularly-enrolled BGU students in standard course offerings. The courses are those given by the various academic departments for first and second degree programs.
Enrollment is through the University Center for External Studies, and conditional on approval by the relevant academic department. Participants must complete all course requirements. Credits are granted according to the departmental and faculty rules that would apply if the student was accepted to a degree program.
Auditing Academic Courses
This is a recommended framework for the general public, for those individuals who seek personal enrichment and wish to learn from a broad range of lectures available via the University's standard curriculum. Participation does not require academic assignments, allowing the participants both a learning experience and personal satisfaction, all within an academic atmosphere.
The auditing of courses is only possible via official registration and advance payment, under the auspices of the UCES.
Enrichment Courses:
These courses are offered to those individuals who wish to increase their knowledge and expand their personal horizons.  These courses aim to provide participants with theoretical and practical tools in their chosen areas.  Courses include: a workshop for home design and decorating, photography (instruction at various levels), creative writing, and Excel for end-users. 
Language Courses:
The Center offers a broad range of language courses, at various instruction levels, with an emphasis on conversational skills.  Classes are taught in small groups and incorporate varied teaching aides (films, music, presentations, etc.). The following language courses are offered: English, spoken Arabic, Spanish, Italian, German, and French.
Internal Training and Development Programs for Organizations:
The University Center for External Studies (UCES) also engages in the design of training and development programs for organizations, businesses, and companies according to their own internal needs.
These programs are customized to the client's own needs and assessments, and include professional guidance by UCES staff and relevant academic faculty.
Please contact us for detailed information on study & course options, dates & schedules, and enrollment details.
The University Center for External Studies (UCES)
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