Ben-Gurion University of the Negev continues to grow, adding talented new researchers from top institutions every year. Like their fields of research, they are interesting, diverse and creative – we are proud to welcome them to the BGU community.​

Dr. Tamar Makov
Department of Management​

Meet Tamar

Dr. Gideon Dishon
Department of Education

Meet Gideon

Dr. Nir Grinberg
​Department of Software and
Information Systems Engineering

Meet Nir

Prof. Yael Hashiloni-Dolev​​
Department of Sociology & Anthropology​

Dr. Idan Sherer
​Department of General History
​Dr. Ella Schwartz
Department of Public Health

Dr. Ben Palmer
​​Department of Chemistry

Meet Ben
Dr. Stav Shapira
Department of Emergency Medicine

Meet Stav

Dr.Niv Reggev
Department of Psychology

Meet Niv

​Dr. Shai Pilosof
​​Department of Life Sciences

Meet Shai

Dr. Nadav Rappoport
​Department of Software and 
Information Systems Engineering
Meet Nadav

Dr.Jessica Cauchard
Department of Industrial Engineering & Management​

Meet Jessica

Dr. Yoav Green​
Department of Mechanical Engineering​

Meet Yoav

Dr. Liron Cohen
​Department of Computer Science

Dr. Enav Friedmann
​Department of Business Administration​

Dr. Moti Benita
​Department of Education

Dr. Netta Vidavsky
Department of Chemical Engineering

​Dr. Uri Stemmer
​​Department of Computer Science

Meet Uri

​Dr. Chen Cohen
​​Department of Public Policy & Administration

Meet Chen
​Dr. Elon Langbeheim​
Science and Technology Education

Y​ou can also meet the faculty members who joined ​u​​s in previous years:

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