​​​​Department of Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering​​ Sciences 

​My life before ​BGU:

I was born in Beer-Sheva and completed high school in Givat Brenner. I completed my bachelor's degree in chemistry and chemical engineering at BGU. I did my masters in chemistry at the Hebrew University and my doctorate in chemistry at the Weizmann Institute of Science. My postdoc in materials science and engineering was at Cornell University.

"For me coming to BGU is like coming home and coming home as a faculty member
in a department that I graduated​ from is closing the circle​"

My research:

I research biomineralization processes, which are processes in which minerals are created in different organisms, from seashells and corals through to bones and teeth (or God forbid, kidney stones). In order to research the crystallization mechanisms in biological systems, I use tools from the world of chemistry, biomedicine and materials science. 

​Why BGU? 

It's so much fun at BGU! For me coming to BGU is like coming home and coming home as a faculty member in a department that I graduated from is closing the circle.

​An insight from​ my research: 

In research and in general, I try not to make too many prior assumptions, but to stop for a moment and to look at the data with an open mind instead of trying to prove something already known. 

Something that doesn't appear o​​​n my resume: 

I'm a feminist. Aficionado of Jane Austen, coffee and laughing at myself.

​A source of inspiration: 

Women making groundbreaking advances in every field, and specifically female scientists who support and promote the integration of girls and young women in science, engineering and technology fields.

​When​​ I grow up: ​

As a child I said I would be a chemist or pharmacist. Today I would answer working to improve the ties between science and the community.

If I was not a researcher, I would: ​

be a writer of some kind or another.

In Brief​​:

» Facebook or Twitter? Twitter

» Game of Thrones or the Simpsons? Game of Thrones

» Yoga or CrossFit? Yoga

» Hapo'el or Maccabi? Next!

» Chess or backgammon? Chess

» Steak or tofu? Tofu!

» Trekking or the spa? Spa

» Car or train? Train

» X-Box or PlayStation? Not my thing

» Fortis or Sakharof? Fortis

» Gal Galatz or podcast? Audiobook 

» Morning or night? Morning

» Movie or play? Book

» ​Cat or dog? Cat

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