​​Department of Software and Information Systems Engineering
Faculty of Engineering Sciences

My life before BGU:

I grew up in Jerusalem, completing my education at Jerusalem Yeshiva high school. I studied for all three of my degrees in computer science and computational biology at the Hebrew University. I did my postdoc at the University of California, San Francisco, in the Institute for Computational Health Sciences.

"I study the use of medical and clinical Big Data to improve medicine and health systems​​"

My resear​ch: 

I study the use o​f medical and clinical Big Data to improve medicine and health systems. To this end, I use Machine Learning methods in order to produce new insights from the medical records of hospitals and health funds, together and separately from genomics analysis. ​

​Why BGU? 

I have found a home in the Department of Software and Information Systems Engineering. There are excellent researchers with a wide variety of interests and research, highly motivated undergraduate students, and graduate students with an intense passion for research, discovery and implementation. ​

Something that doesn't appear on my resume: 

My hobbies are climbing and hiking.

When I gro​​w up: 

As a child, I thought I would become a veterinarian. Today I hope that when I grow up I will find that my research has led to practicable applications.

If I was not a researcher, I would: 

be an electrician.

​In Brief

» Facebook or Twitter? Twitter, I don't have a Facebook account.
» ​Hapo'el or Maccabi? I prefer to take part in sport with my legs and not my eyes.
» ​Chess or backgammon? Chess, more brains than luck.
» Steak or tofu? Meat
» ​Trekking or the spa. I prefer to be active rather than passive.
» ​Car or train? Train, the time spent travelling is better utilized.
» ​X-Box or PlayStation? No time for that.
» ​Classic Europe or India? Classic, it's in my blood.
» Ocean or the pool? As a Jerusalemite, clearly the ocean.
» Morning or night? Both
» Winter or summer? Winter. I suffer from the heat.
» Cat or dog? I've always wished for a dog,
» Movie or play? Play, it's a different experience.
» Galgalatz or Podcast? Podcast, so I can choose what I listen to.