​Department of Materials Engineering​
Faculty of Engineering Sciences

My life before BGU: 

I was born in Jerusalem. I completed all three of my degrees at the Hebrew University, where I focused on plasmonic interaction with light-emitting quantum dots. I did my postdoc in Berlin, where I worked on the optical characteristics of two-dimensional materials under elastic deformations.


"Good research doesn’t require the most powerful computer or the most expensive equipment:
mostly it needs creativity​."

My research:

I study two-dimensional materials. These are materials that we can make so thin, that they have just one layer of atoms. Since they are just a few nanometers thick, they can be stretched more than other solid materials. This means that we can alter their physical properties by elastic deformations. I study the physical transformations caused by the stretching using optical devices. 

​Why BGU?

The Department of Materials Engineering here is very supportive, and this was already apparent during the job acceptance process. There is room to grow at BGU​.​

An insight from my research:

Good research doesn’t require the most powerful computer or the most expensive equipment: mostly it needs creativity.

A source of inspira​tion:

My inspiration is Andre Geim, laureate of the Nobel Prize in Physics. I believe he is the most creative person in science today. ​

If I were not a researcher, I w​ould…

I also did a BA in history and found it very interesting.

Something that do​esn’t appear on my CV:

I was a guide at Yad VaShem for seven years, mostly working with Taglit groups. I love skiing and am a fan of Hapoel Jerusalem in basketball.

In brief​​​: 

» Facebook or Twitter? Twitter - Short and sweet
» Game of Thrones or the Simpsons? The Simpsons is timeless
» Yoga or CrossFit? What’s that?
» Hapoel or Maccabi? Hapoel forever
» Chess or backgammon? Chess
» Steak or tofu? Steak
» Trekking or the spa? Trekking
» Car or train? Train
» Fortis or Sakharov? Sakharov. I prefer mellower
» Classical Europe or India? Classical Europe
» Ocean or pool? The ocean
» Radio or podcast? Radio
» Night or morning? Morning
» Winter or summer? Winter. I like snow
» Cat or dog? Dog 
» Film or Play? Film