Open to students, faculty, and other members of the BGU community, this course helps participants improve their musical skills while developing their own unique way of playing
as an individual and as part of a group.  Musical coach Daniel Lachish helps members of each group learn to listen to one another and to the intention of the music.


Auditions for the 2018-19 academic year will take place October 14th – 18th 2018

 To schedule an audition please fill in the online form or call (08) 647-2258.


After passing an audition, participants are assigned to a group according to playing level. Each group meets for a weekly coaching session and performs at an internal course
concert at the end of each semester. More advanced groups perform at various university events and at a public end-of-year concert.

The course is open to those who play the following instruments:
• Strings* – Violin, Viola, Cello
• Woodwinds – Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Saxophone
• Brass – Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone
• Piano
*Especially needed

Two credit points per academic year are available to undergraduates who meet the requirements detailed in the course syllabus.

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For questions about the course: , 08-6472258 

For questions about credit points: , 08-6472368