• Kiosks and Cafeteria

    A cafeteria and kiosks operate on the university campus for the students convenience. The Dean of Students is the chairman of the cafeteria committee and is responsible for the operation of the kiosks on campus. Complaints about the quality, pricing or service standard should be made in writing to the concessions supervisor at the Dean of Students Office.

  • Bookshop

    A bookshop operates on campus. The Dean of Students serves as chairman of the shop committee. Complaints about the quality, pricing or service standard in the bookshop should be made in writing to the Student's Dean.

  • Religious Services

    A synagogue and rabbi are available on the Marcus Family Campus. The rabbi can be contacted at 08-6461737

  • Unit for Employment Guidance

    The Unit deals with all aspects of employment guidance, including assistance for students and graduates in finding employment and integration into the workforce.

  • Physical Education and Sport

    The University Sports Center operates on campus, and the Dean of Students serves as Chairperson of the University sports committee. He can be contacted regarding sports related enquiries.

  • Disciplinary Committee

    A representative of the Dean of Students Office is an observer at the Student Disciplinary Committee. The Dean of Students can be used as a defense attorney at the committee. Those interested can contact the Dean of Students.

  • The ISEF Foundation

    The University, in cooperation with the ISEF Foundation, awards scholarships to students with high academic achievements for all degrees, with an emphasis on their social and economic situation. The students are chosen from those who apply for financial aid from the university. Students who receive scholarships from the Foundation take part in social projects in the community. 

  • Bet Hillel

    Bet Hillel operates on campus and organizes activities relating to Jewish identity.

  • Public and Political Activities

    Students interested in organizing public or political activities on campus should apply in writing to the Dean of Students.

  • Debate Club

    Students interested in participating in the Debate Club should contact the Unit for Student Advancement.

  • BGU Dance Troupe

    Run under the auspices of the Dean of Students Office, the BGU Dance Troupe is a modern dance group incorporating folk dancing. All members of the troupe are students who rehearse once a week in the evening.