​Individual Psychological Therapy

The Psychological Service offers individual psychological therapy in one-to-one 50-minute talking sessions once a week. The goal of the therapy is to help the applicant, based on different therapeutic and theoretical approaches, to deal with crises and difficulties, to learn about himself and to have the resources and tools to cope more effectively and better with the challenges of life. Part of the process includes investigating the applicant's issues, difficulties and unique personal story. The therapeutic process is individual and unique, and each therapy is significantly different depending on the two people in the room.

​Time-limited Focused Psychological Therapy

When the request is more focused and the applicant presents a problem that does not largely affect all aspects of life, the interviewer may refer him/her to a short-term therapy that usually consists of 12 sessions. Focused therapy deals with a particular conflict and its purpose is to profoundly change things in dealing with this conflict. Therapy is characterized by counseling and focus by the therapist and can yield significant improvement within a relatively short period of time.

Psychiatric Counseling

Psychiatric counseling provides a diagnostic and therapeutic solution to a range of common emotional conditions (such as depression, test anxiety, stress) and accompanies and supplements individual psychological therapy. Medication counseling combined with individual therapy helps to achieve relatively quick relief and sustainable improvement.