What is a marathon?

Each marathon is consisted of 3-4 sessions of 12 hours in total (60 minutes per hour).

The content of the marathon is determined by the group in coordination with the tutor, and includes reviewing the course material, solving exercises or taking exams from previous years, etc.
A marathon is not a substitute for studying/exercising during the course.

The marathon group will consist of 16-20 students. Marathon cost per student - NIS 180.


Tutoring Groups

What is a tutoring group?

The Dean of Students provides reinforcement lessons that are taught in small groups to enable the students to keep up with the progress in class. The tutoring is provided in 10 hour sessions once a week or every two weeks (60 minutes) until the finals begin. The tutoring sessions include solving exercises, reviewing the study material and closing gaps in order to come prepared for the semester finals.
Tutoring groups are provided for all courses in the various faculties for which we have the opportunity to provide extra reinforcement at the required level.

The tutoring groups are not a substitute for studying during the course/exercise sessions.
A tutoring group will consist of 10-15 students (preferably 10-12 students).

Cost of tutoring groups per student - NIS 200.

Tutoring Lessons

1. Tutoring lessons are intended for undergraduate (bachelor’s degree) students only or graduate (master’s degree) students in supplementary courses (as defined by the Student Administration).

2. Tutoring lessons are provided during the first and second semesters (not including summer semester), starting from the fourth week of the semester, and no later than two weeks before the end of the semester. The tutoring lessons are not intended to help students prepare for finals.

3. Hourly price (60 minutes) - Second year tutor - NIS 42; third year tutor - NIS 46 and fourth year and graduate degree tutors - NIS 50.

4. The tutoring lessons are provided in a 10-hour package. The first 5 hours are paid by the student, and the remaining five hours are subsidized by the Dean of Students.

5. The hours cannot be divided among different tutors.

6. If there is a need to replace tutors, this should be done after no more than two hours of tutoring. The Dean of Students does not undertake to replace tutors after more than two hours of tutoring.

7. The Dean of Students is solely in charge of assigning the tutors.

8. All ten hours must be completed by the end of the semester in which the application for tutoring is submitted.

9. The tutors are not required to teach during finals.

10. The tutors are required to coordinate with the students if the entire number of hours allocated to the students cannot be taught.

11. The Dean of Students does not undertake to respond to every request.

12. Response to students' requests for tutoring assistance is dependent on the pool of tutors listed with the Dean of Students, in addition to all the other articles in the regulations.

13. Tutors on behalf of the Dean of Students are not a substitute for course attendance and completing all the course assignments.

The student receives a tutoring lessons form on which the name of the tutor is written. Upon completion of all tutoring hours, the tutor signs the form and has the students assigned to him/her sign the form as well. The completed forms are then returned to the Dean of Students.

For more information please contact Rachel Balaban Fromovicy at 08-647-2367 or by e-mail


The Unit for Student Advancement in the Dean of Students offers a series of workshops divided into two categories:

1. Study Support Workshops - workshops to improve students' learning skills in a range of areas. Besides everyday learning, study support tools are provided to improve and raise scholastic achievements and to improve the student’s confidence. The set of workshops is designed for all students from the various faculties with the view that every academic /personal/emotional problem can at least be partially addressed in every workshop.

2. Enrichment Workshops - workshops designed to provide extra personality and general life tools.