This service was established with the generous donation of Mrs. Sylvia A. Brodsky.
The Sylvia A. Brodsky Service provides focused psychological therapy for students facing emotional distress due to difficult and traumatic experiences, such as:

· Events that occurred in the regular military service, in the reserves or in war
· Sexual assault
· An accident
· Separation from a loved one or death in the family
· A drastic decline in academic performance

A crisis reaction to such events may be chronic trauma, and it is therefore recommended that the student urgently come to the service for a therapy session. Therapy in these cases is supportive and focused. It is sometimes also short-term. The therapy is designed to help the student experiencing a crisis reaction to define and process his or her distress in order to restore the emotional balance that has been upset by the crisis and help the patient quickly return to normal functioning.

Some patients refer after this therapy to in-depth personal psychological care for the range of problems disturbing them.

Call the service at 08-6461088