​Student-To-Student Mentoring Program for Newly Admitted Students

Mentoring is a one-on-one process where outstanding second or third year students or Master's degree students from the department assist the new student in providing personal and ongoing guidance and instruction.

The personal mentoring project for newly admitted students has been running successfully in over twenty different departments at BGU. Its goal is to help orient the student with BGU and the various campus services, create a supportive environment and reduce the prevailing uncertainty during the academic year.

The mentors guide the newly admitted students starting from the notice of admission to the end of the first semester of the first year (end of enrollment for the second semester).

This project is part of BGU's philosophy that creating a high-quality and cohesive departmental community will help you to strive for and attain good academic achievements.

The mentors help the newly admitted students:

  • » Smoothly, correctly, and easily integrate in the first year of studies.

  • » Quickly and efficiently become integrated in departmental life and activities.

  • » Become acquainted with BGU, understand their students' rights, learn about the range of academic services and options available to them and about campus life.

  • » Become acquainted with and learn about the student environment and life in Beer Sheva, from dormitories and housing to entertainment and social life.

  • » Become acquainted with the possibilities of social involvement at BGU and the offices and personnel they need to contact on different issues, including scholarships, reserve duty, etc.

  • » For advice on any other topic at any time during the mentoring period.

    All the mentors are students with experience and knowledge in the department and at BGU. The mentors will become personally acquainted with the newly admitted student and will be the person to turn to for any problem or question, guidance or advice.