Students who are struggling with their studies for an unknown reason, and students who have previously been diagnosed as having learning disabilities, are welcome to contact the Learning Disabilities Board at BGU to receive assistance and academic counseling. Students who have not yet been admitted for studies and require psychometric test accommodations are also welcome to contact and receive advice and information on the subject.

Attached is a Questionnaire for Recognizing a Learning Disability. Please call for instructions on the process.

All students/candidates applying to the Board will be referred by the Board for re-evaluation.

Students who were previously diagnosed by the National Institute for Testing & Evaluation should attach the diagnosis to the application form (provided that no more than five years have passed since the diagnosis), including previous diagnoses, for the review and decision of the Learning Disabilities Board at BGU.  The Board also reserves the right to require an additional diagnosis in these cases.

The diagnosis is subject to a fee, which as of August 1, 2010 is NIS 1450.

Students who receive a Dean's scholarship on a socioeconomic basis are entitled to a refund of up to 20% of the price of the diagnosis (in the year they were diagnosed).

These guidelines are in effect until the enactment of the regulations and the implementation of the new law on learning disabilities.

Application forms and diagnoses should be forwarded to the Learning Disabilities Board at BGU to review and decide on the relevant accommodations to be granted. The applying student will receive the results of the review together with a detailed feedback call (if the diagnosis is performed through BGU). Decisions on accommodations will also be forwarded to the departmental teaching committee and to the Examinations Division.

The diagnosis and recognition of learning disabilities process takes at least two months. Therefore, in order to receive accommodations for the semester finals, it is recommended to start the recognition process at the beginning of the academic year or at the beginning of the second semester.


Students whose applications for accommodations have been rejected are entitled to appeal the Board's decisions.

For this purpose, a well-reasoned letter should be submitted, which will be reviewed by the Appeals Committee that meets several times in each semester. The letter should be submitted to the Unit for Student Advancement.

You may appeal only once.

Submitting an appeal application is subject to a cost of NIS 100, which is refundable if the appeal is accepted. Appeals Board Application Form