The Assistive Technologies Room is located in the basement -1 floor, Room -143 of the Student Building (follow the footprints on the floor...)

This is a quiet room strictly set aside for students with accommodations from the Support Center. 

The room is fitted with upgraded and accessible computer stations with specialized software and hardware to help overcome specific learning difficulties. The technology helps the student to "circumvent" his/her difficulties by applying modes or a different learning channel that facilitates independent and effective learning.

Software in the room:

Alma Reader - Reading program in Hebrew and English (mainly helps students with a reading impairment, impaired vision and attention and concentration deficits).

Nakdan - Automatic adds vowels to any Hebrew word.

ABBBYY - Converts PDF files to WORD (used mostly for reading software)

XMind - a mind mapping and brainstorming software - maps information into flowcharts and diagrams. The graphic presentation is concise, organized and without much text.   

MATLAB - The software enables easy and convenient handling of matrices, use of functions and data, and application of data mining algorithms.

Babylon - Dictionary and translation of languages.


Software and equipment for vision impaired is available in the room for the vision impaired that is located in the study room on the 1st floor of the Student Building.

In addition, you can borrow from the room:


Laptops for exams (for students with laptop accommodations)

Electronic dictionaries

Dictation machines

FM devices and hearing loops (for students with hearing impairments)

Campus smart bracelets (for visually-impaired or blind students)

The room is open Sundays through Thursdays between 08:00 a.m. - 08:00 p.m.

We look forward to seeing you.