What is an Ezraton or Tutoring Group?

The Dean of Students provides reinforcement classes that are taught in small tutoring groups to enable you the students to keep up with the progress of the class. Tutoring is provided in ten hour sessions, once a week or every two weeks (60 minutes per hour) until the period of exams begins. The tutoring sessions include solving exercises, processing the study material and closing the gaps in order to come prepared for the end of semester exam.

The “Ezratonim" tutoring groups are provided for all courses in the various faculties for which we can give extra reinforcement at the required level.

Tutoring groups are not a substitute for studying during the course/exercise.

An Ezraton will consist of 10-15 students (preferably 10-12 students).

Cost of the Ezraton per student - NIS 200.

How to start an Ezraton tutoring group?

Appoint a group leader responsible for putting the group together, registration, payments, contacting the tutor, coordinating the contents of the study, etc.

The group leader will fill out the Students Information Form.

The group leader will return the completed form to the person responsible for Ezratonim at the Dean of Students and will receive the contact details of a suitable tutor.

The group leader will coordinate practice hours and subjects with the tutor.

The group leader is responsible for ensuring (with the person responsible for Ezratonim at the Dean of Students) that the group members have paid for the Ezraton tutoring group.

After opening the group on the computer, the group leader will complete a Class Order Form and return it to the person in charge of Ezratonim at the Dean of Students and will receive the classroom numbers for the Ezratonim. Final approval of the Ezraton tutoring group will be given only after the participants of the group have paid.

Registration is a commitment on the part of the student who registered and it may not be canceled. Even if a student has decided not to participate he will be charged the full amount.

How do you pay for an Ezraton?

Payment is made by credit card << Enter Payment System.

Select the option "Registration for tutoring groups (Ezratonim) according to the tutoring group that you signed up for. Make sure you have registered for the right Ezraton (according to the details listed). You must save the confirmation number.


For more information, please contact Yaron at 972-8-6477389 or marathon@bgu.ac.il