Chamber music coach

Daniel Lachish, a former cellist, is coach of groups of various kinds of chamber music. Following the methods of Prof. Rami Shevelov, with whom he studied chamber music, he tries to break away from the routine way, in which music is often played, and to help the groups to develop their own way of playing. His emphasis is on listening; to listen to the intention of the music and to understand the spirit of the composer, and to listen to one another.

Daniel Lachish has lived in Kibbutz Givat Brenner until 2010, when he moved to Beer Sheva.
Extraordinarily musically talented, he pursued a career as a cellist early on, supported by the Kibbutz and by many scholarships from the American-Israeli Foundation Sharet. Among his teachers of cello and chamber music were Uzi Wiesel, Shulamith Loren, Isaac Stern, Alexander Schneider, Mordechai Rechtman, David Sella, and Ramy Shevelov, the most renowned chamber music teacher in Israel. Daniel was the cellist in the “Army Quartet“ (the string quartet of the Israeli army) from 1975 to 1977.
Due to a tragic accident, which took from him the full control of his left hand, Daniel could not continue his career as a soloist and chamber musician. From 1978 to 1982, he studied cello at the Music Academy in Tel Aviv. Since it had become clear by then that his ability to play professionally could not be restored, he worked in various professions at the Kibbutz. At the same time he continued to play in the Kibbutzim orchestra, in amateur chamber music groups, for example the gatherings of the Association of Chamber Music at Bet Daniel, worked as a cello teacher, and started to coach amateur chamber music groups privately.
In September 2009 he became the musical leader and coach of the course of playing chamber music, which he initiated and organised together with Prof. Ute Deichmann at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

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Below you can listen to Daniel lachish playing the following pieces:

Bach, Suites for solo cello

Noam Sheriff, confession for cello

Heitor Villa Lobos, The jet whistle, for flute and cello (with Raanan Eylon)