Student Building, New Wing, 2nd Floor
Tel: 08-6461088

Director of the Service: Mr. Sergio Myszkin - Senior Clinical Psychologist 
Coordinator of the Unit for Psychological Service and Professional and Academic Guidance Ariela Sela 

BGU students experiencing emotional difficulties are welcome to contact us for counseling and therapy. The unit offers a variety of therapies: individual or group therapy, anxiety therapy combining biofeedback, psychiatric counseling and psychological evaluation. In addition, academic and career counseling are also available.

The unit also incorporates the Sylvia A. Brodsky Psychological Walk-In Service, which is designed to quickly respond to students who have urgent problems and are in a crisis.

Therapy is provided for a subsidized fee.

Referral to the unit and all information pertaining to the patient are kept in strict confidence. Information will be passed on only subject to the patient's request and subject to his/her signing a waiver of confidentiality. 

The unit is recognized by the Psychological Board of the Ministry of Health as an institution for clinical internship in clinical psychology. It takes three years to complete the internship in the unit.

For inquiries or to leave a message, please call tel. 08-6461088 or e-mail:


Treatment in unit for a subsidized payment.

Following is a breakdown of prices:

Therapy session

150 NIS

Anxiety therapy session - biofeedback

150 NIS

Full acquaintance process (intake)

240 NIS

Full psychodiagnostic evaluation

240 NIS

Counseling session with psychiatrist

60 NIS

Counseling session to choose major and course of studies

240 NIS