​Since you are recognized as a student with a learning disability/attention and concentration deficit/medical disability, you are entitled to Support Center services on behalf of the Dean of Students.

Support Center services include:

1. Programs.
2. Workshops (for acquiring learning skills only).
3. Mentoring.
4. Entrance to the Technologies and Assistive Technology Room.
5. Lending of equipment to eligible students.

Cost of participation in the Support Center is NIS 150 per academic year.

Support Center enrollment is a non-refundable commitment (even if the student does not use the Support Center services, including participation in workshops, entry to the Technologies Room or assignment of a tutor, he/she will be liable for the full payment).

The payment must be made via personal information (Hebrew) on the website of the Office of the Dean of Students under “Registration to the Array of Services”.
How to receive the service after making the payment.


A student with learning disabilities /attention and concentration deficit should submit an application to Haim Hadad at haimhd@bgu.ac.il. Please indicate your name, identification card number and the names and numbers of the courses for which you wish tutoring. This accommodation is only for students who were granted a tutoring accommodation. Students eligible for a total of two weekly hours from the end of the period in which changes in the academic studies program are allowed until the end of the semester (not including the finals period).

Students who were recognized as having learning disabilities and who were granted a mentoring accommodation are entitled to ten semester hours.

A student who is recognized as having a medical disability must send an application to Pnina Israeli at pninai@bgu.ac.il or Efrat Kollet Kessler at efratkol@bgu.ac.il.

Please indicate your name, ID card number and names and numbers of the courses for which you wish tutoring. This accommodation will only be granted to students for whom the Medical Board approved ten tutoring hours.


The Unit for Student Advancement holds a series of workshops directed by professional facilitators aimed to improve learning processes in a wide array of fields. For details on the workshops, you can enroll for workshops via personal information on the website of the Office of the Dean of Students under “Registration to the Workshops”.

Important note - A student who has made the Support Center payment must register for the desired workshop only. No additional payment may be made (there is a limit to two workshops per semester.)


Includes personal counseling, support and assistance with learning strategies provided by experts (by appointment).

Technologies Room (Building 70, Student Building, 1st floor)

Entrance to the Technologies Room is subject to presenting a student card. A student who paid for the Support Center must come to Building 26 Room 101 to magnetize the card. (Students living in a dorm do not have to re-magnetize the card.)


Lending Equipment to Eligible Students:

Laptop, tape recorder, FM radios, smart bracelets to help the blind and visually impaired navigate, etc.
Students granted a "laptop use" accommodation must borrow the laptop up to 45 minutes before the exam. Students who are tested on Fridays must pick up the laptop on Thursday between 6-7 and return it on Friday after the exam to the Security Department in Building 33, Room 101.

For further details: Pnina Israeli 08-6428584 Social worker (accessibility)
Efrat Kollet Kessler 08-6479202 Social worker (accessibility)
Haim Hadad 08-6479501 Expert on learning disabilities and counselor to students with learning disabilities