​​​​​​​​​The department offers a BA in Foreign Literatures & ​Linguistics.* 

The degree can be studied in a range of tracks, in English Literature and/or Linguistics, in various combinations with other disciplines. Please see the detailed descriptions in the various "programs & structure" sections in this site. 

BA Admission Requirements
Israeli applicants must have
  • - A high school diploma;
  • - Full bagrut (applicants with an average of 100 or above can be accepted on the basis of the bagrut alone); 
  • - A score of 550 or above on the psychometric exam OR an average of 550 or above in the Sekem calculation + a score of 120 or above on the English section of psychometric exam (or the AMIR English test).
Applicants who did not complete high school in Israel must have
  • - A high school diploma;
  • - An internationally-recognized equivalent of the Israeli psychometric exam (e.g SAT);
  • - A passing grade on the Hebrew proficiency exam, level "hei".
How to apply
Israeli applicants who meet the criteria for admissions must contact the Registrar
Applicants from abroad should consult our page with information specifically for International Students.

 * Please note: the BA certificate (deg​ree) will include the name of the Department and not the track (that is, BA in Foreign Literatures and Linguistics). The student's participation in the track (English Literature and/or Linguistics) will be registered in the grade transcript only.

* שימו לב: תעודת הבוגר (התואר) תכלול רק את שם המחלקה ולא את המגמה (כלומר, תואר ראשון בספרויות זרות ובלשנות). עובדת לימודיו של תלמיד במגמה ("אנגלית: ספרות"; או "אנגלית: בלשנות"; או "אנגלית: ספרות, בלשנות") תירשם בגיליון הציונים בלבד.