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Coordinator: Dr. Ruth S. Wenske

2023-2024 program​
​January 30, 2024
Eric Hayot (Penn State)
Do the Humanities Produce Knowledge?
​February 27, 2024
Dorothy Hale (Department of English, UC Berkeley)
The Novel as “The Book of Other People”: Bernardine Evaristo’s Girl, Woman, Other by way of Zadie Smith and Henry James
​March 12, 2024
​Spencer Morrison (University of Groningen)
James Baldwin's Giovanni's Room and the Birth of Foreign Aid ​
​May 21, 2024​
​Eden Ashkenazi (BGU):
Listening In: Sound in Tommy Orange's There There and Claudia Rankine's Citizen: An American Lyric
Tal Maletin (BGU): 
Dickinson's Resistance: Self-Archiving in Emily Dickinson's Poetry and Letters
Neta Kleine (Yale): 
From Martyrdom to Malice: Marina Tsvetaeva’s Poetics of Pain

2022-2023 program​

​November 15, 2022
Uriel Rosenblum (BGU) 
The Strange Case of Speculative Fiction: Genre Creation, Genre Division and the Emergence of Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy in the American Pulp Magazine Weird Tales (1923-1939)​​​
​November 29, 2022​
Narratives of Memory and Identities: Symposium to mark the retirement of Prof. Efraim Sicher​​
​December 13, 2022
​Shira Levy (BGU)
Storytelling, Temporality and Queer Narrative in Grace Paley’s Short Fiction
​January 16, 2023
​Jane Goldman (Glasgow)
Flush's Afterglow: Canine Poetics and the Politics of Pethood in the Writing of Virginia Woolf and Eileen Myles

​April 3, 2023
Book Launch Event for Ron Ben-Tovim's Poetic Prosthetics: Trauma and Language in Contemporary Veteran Writing
​April 17, 2023
​Netanela Elias (independent scholar)
Gower's Confession: A Gnostic Journey into the Self"
​May 8, 2023
​Yael Netzer (HUJI)
Organize the U​norganizable: Digitization of (Personal) Archives
​June 6, 2023​
Levi Roach (Exeter)​
Fake Founders and Counterfeit Claims: Forging the Middle Ages

​2021-2022 program​
​November 16, 2021
Eitan Bar-Yosef (BGU)
"Shipwrecked in Jerusalem": British Amateur Theatre in Mandatory Palestine​
​December 13, 2021
​Alex Catchings (UC Berkeley)
The 900-Paged Wikipedic Sentence: Lucy Ellman’s Ducks, Newburyport
​December 21, 2021
​Julia Fermentto-Tzaisler (BGU)​
Meat and American Assimilation: The Radical Symbolism of Kosher Meat in the Work of Mary Antin
​January 4, 2022
​Eli Osheroff (BGU) 
Indigenous Literature as Global Literature: Palestinian Science Fiction Between 'Arif al-'Arif and H.G. Wells
​April 11, 2022
​Shachar Livne (Hebrew University):
"Good Women" and "Wicked Wives": On Literary Traditions and the Chaucer Wars
​April 25, 2022
​Ruth Wenske (Hebrew University):
"Proverbs are the Horses of Thought": Metafiction and the Non-Human in Yaa Gyasi's Transcendent Kingdom
​May 4, 2022
Taylor Johnston-Levy (BGU)
Looking Like Nobody: Raymond Carver, Lucia Berlin, and Postmodern Realism
​May 17, 2022
Tsivia Frank-Wygoda
Mythical Imaginations, Metaphorical Mappings: The Mystique of the Border-City in European Literature
​June 21, 2022
​Naomi Yeshayahou (BGU)
"Look at that Goil!": Weight loss, Body Image, and Jewish Female Sexuality in Selected Short Fiction by Fannie Hurst

2020-2021 program​​
November 16, 2020
​Taylor Johnston (TAU):
​American Pandemic Fiction and the Politics of Infection​
​December 7, 2020
​Lori Harrison-Kahan (Boston College):
Miriam Michelson, Emma Wolf, and the Process of Literary Recovery
January 11, 2021
​Hana Saliba-Salman (BGU): 
Marginalized Detectives in Postmodern, a Realm?
​March 16, 2021
Heike Bauer (Birkbeck): 
In the Canine Archives of Sex: The Dogs of Radclyffe Hall and Una Troubridge
​April 26, 2021
​Marilyn Reizbaum (Bowdoin College):
Renaming Sderot Nordau
​June 14, 2021
​Ohad Reznick (BGU):
Between Fiction and Reality: Passing for Non-Jewish in Multicultural American Fiction​

2019-202​0 program
​November 18, 2019​​​
​Yael Shapira (Bar-Ilan):
The Nabob and the Nobody; Or, a Detective Story on the Margins of Romantic-Era Fiction
​December 9, 2019
​David Sheinberg (University of London):
Author as Performer: Performing Autobiographies
​January 13, 2020
​​Tsivia Frank Wygoda (Harvard):
Portrait of the Algerian Jew as a Berber: Postcolonial Imaginaries in Contemporary Jewish Algerian Literature
​January 14, 2020

Book launch (joint event with BGU's Department of Hebrew Literature):​
Shimon Adaf's AVIVA-NO, trans. from the Hebrew by Yael Segalovitz
​January 21, 2020
"Reading Poetry: Moving between Past and Future" - An Evening in
Honor of Prof. Chanita Goodblatt

February 3, 2020
BGU's Department of Foreign Literatures and Linguistics is proud to host​​
SELI Goes South: The Fourth National Conference for the Study of English Literatures in Israel​