​54 Points Program in Linguistics - תכנית דו-מחלקתית

Students in this program combine 54 points in Linguistics with 54 points in another discipline - in our department (English Literature) or in another department

In their first year, students in this program take 18 points of introductory courses to linguistics, exploring basic concepts and methods in syntax, semantics, phonology,  lexicon, language acquisition, and cognitive neuroscience. In the second year, students study basic courses in syntax, semantics and morphology - while in their third year they write one seminar paper. In addition, they have a selection of elective courses to choose from during their studies.

Providing a solid basis in Linguistics at the BA level, the program can be studied with numerous other disciplines. Popular combinations include

80 Points Program (major in Linguistics) - תכנית מחלקה ראשית

Students in this program take linguistics as their major subject. Their minor subject, consisting of 28 points, may be taken in any other department in the Faculty. Popular combinations include Cognitive & Brain Sciences, Philosophy, and Psychology. Students can also English Literature (studied in our department) as their minor.

In their first year, students in this program start with 18 points of introductory courses to linguistics, exploring basic concepts and methods in syntax, semantics, phonology, lexicon, ​language acquisition, and cognitive neuroscience. In the second year, students study basic courses in syntax, semantics and morphology. In their third year, they are required to write two seminar papers. In addition, they have a wide variety of elective courses to choose from during their studies.

A special program has been established with the Department of Computer Sciences. Students taking Linguistics as their major are required to take 3 points in Computer Science. They may then continue to an MA in Linguistics, ​or, contingent on completion of complementary courses, a MSc in computer science.


28 Points Program (minor in Linguistics) - חטיבת לימודים

This program aims to provide students with a solid foundation in linguistics, but with little specialized knowledge. Like the 54- and 80-points programs, described above, it begins with first-year introductory courses (8 pts); students choose 3 out of the 4 core courses in syntax and semantics in their second year; in their third year, they take one elective course and one seminar.


108 Points Combined Program (BA in Linguistics & BA in English Literature​) - תכנית חד-מחלקתית​

The 108 point combined BA program is designed for students who have a serious interest in both Linguistics and English Literature. It is also especially suited to prospective English teachers.

Students in this program take the required courses for both tracks (as specified in the Shnaton, in the section depicting the 108 point program). In the third year, they take additional electives, divided as equally as possible between Linguistics and English Literature. They also study seminars, both in literature and in linguistics.

A note on general courses - קורסים כלליים

All st​udents in BGU’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences complete their 120 point degree by taking an additional 10 points in other departments – that is, by choosing from a rich list of general courses advertised by the Faculty. (Our students are exempt from the general university requirement of 2 points in English proficiency). 

​International students, who are not required to master Hebrew, can complete their additional 10 points by choosing from a general list of courses in English offered by various BGU programs. For more details, see here.​