​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dorit Ben-Shalom: Cognitive neuroscience, focusing on two brain systems - the language system and the prefrontal cortex; a functional anatomy of the medial prefrontal cortex; a functional anatomy of the lateral prefrontal cortex; the processing of syntax, semantics, and phonology.

Ariel CohenSemantics and Pragmatics: generics, adverbs of quantification, focus, speech acts, quantification, modality; Computational Linguistics: anaphora, evolution of language; Philosophy of language: vagueness, common-sense reasoning.

David Erschler: Syntax, in particular syntax of ellipsis; typology; morphology; field linguistics; languages of the Caucasus. 

Nomi Erteschik-Shir:​ Parallel syntactic structures; silence and linearization; information structure; sound patterns of syntax; ellipsis; atom theory.

Aviya Hacohen: First language acquisition; experimental psycholinguistics; semantics/pragmatics in child and adult language; the acquisition of syntax; language impairment. 

Olga Kag​an: Case at the syntax-semantics interface; specificity; Slavic linguistics; gradable predicates; verbal aspect.

Idan LandauGenerative grammar; grammatical modularity; syntax; theory of control; argument structure; psychological predicates; predication; subjecthood; PF-interface; complementation; chain resolution; aggreement.

Tova Rapoport: Lexicon-syntax interface (verb projections); Predication; Secondary predicates and modification; Central coincidence in the lexicon and syntax. ​​​