MA Thesis TitleSupervisor​ Year
​Amit Haddad
​Textual Melancholia in Glikl's Memoirs 
​​and Emma Lieber's The Writing Cure 
Yael Segalovitz & 
Iris Idelson-Shein 

​Eden Ashkenzi
​Listening In: Sound in Tommy Orange's
There There and Claudia Rankine's
Citizen: An American

​Yael Ben-zvi & Yael Segalovitz
​Tal Maletin
​Dickin​son's Resistance: Self–Archiving
in Emily Dickinson's Poetry and Letters

​Zohar Weiman-Kelman

​Neta Kleine
​Body of Work: Corporeal Pain in the
Poetry of Mina Loy and Marina Tsvetaeva
​Yael Segalovitz
& Efraim Sicher

​Nitzan Halperin
​Readers and Reading in Charlotte
Brontë's Jane Eyre and in Three
Contemporary Re-imaginings​​

Eitan Bar-Yosef​​2022

​Tom Cohen
Yoruba Mythology and Cosmology
in Toni Morrison's Song Of Solomon

​Yael Ben-zvi & 
Lynn Schler 
​Ido Zac
​Israeli Nationalism in Shimon Halkin's
Hebrew Translation of Leaves of Grass​

​Yael Segalovitz
& Yael Ben-zvi


​Asaf Bracha
​H.G. Wells and the Environment:
Nature, Ecology, and Pollution in Three
Works by Wells

​Eitan Bar-Yosef

Nazeny ​
​The Child in the New England Primer
and the Mcloughlin Brothers’ ABC Books:
from Piety to Playfulness

​Barbara Hochman
& Yael Ben-zvi​

Dor ​Goldtzvaig
​Reading Two Coming-of-Age Novel
Sequences by Louisa May Alcott
Chanita Goodblatt
& Ilana Rosen

​Priel Cohanim
​Freed from the Shackles of Any History: Archival Practices in DC Comics' Flashpoint

​Zohar Weiman-Kelman & Yael Ben-zvi
​Shiran Gold​stein
​Cursed by Nature? The Male and Female
Witch in Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama

​Aaron Landau

​Michal Calo
"The Clitoris in Her Last Speech":
Muriel Rukeyser’s Cor​poreal Poetics 
​Barbara Hochman &
Zohar Weiman-Kelman


Steven Weinberg

​Kafka’s The Trial: A Reevaluation of 
Morality and a Critique of Jurisprudence ​

​​Mark Gelber2019​
​Ksania Katzman
​Between a Rock and a Hard Place:
Reading Darwin in Edith Wharton's 
"Bunner Sisters" and The House of Mirth

Barbara Hochman 
Yael Ben-zvi


Faygel Vaknin
​Conceiving Virginia Woolf’s Life: 
A Multi-Generic Approach

Chanita Goodblatt​2019​

​Shira Levy
​​Storytelling, Temporality and Familial
Narrative in Grace Paley's Short Fiction

​Zohar Weiman-Kelman

​Elise Gelkoff​
(R)Evoluti​​onary Mothers
in Edith Wharton’s
Early Fiction

​Barbara Hochman
& Yael Ben-zvi
Naama Schwartz
Rethinking the Gothic Effect:
Excess, Transgression and the
Role of Disidentification in Gothic Fiction

Eitan Bar-Yosef2018
Yael NehushtaiUrban Horror in Victorian and Postmodern Gothic Fiction: The Mysteries of London
and American Psycho

Efraim Sicher2017
Uriel RosenbloomAlienated American Homes:
Cosmic and Gothic Houses in
H.P. Lovecraft's Fiction
Barbara Hochman & Catherine Rottenberg

Milana BadalovConverted Daughters and Betrayed Fathers: Representations of the Semitic Other in Marlowe, Shakespeare and Cervantes

Aaron Landau2017
Tagrid Morad​​

Varying Perspectives on Margaret Mead: Autobiography, Memoir and Letters

Chanita Goodblatt2017
Jacqueline Kim MeyerWitchcraft and Magic in Shakespeare's Elizabethan and Jacobean Plays: A Shifting Perspective

Aaron Landau2016
Elina GombergBlame It on the Mother: Ideals of
Motherhood in America, 1892-2003

Barbara Hochman2016
Eiman JummalNegotiations of Adultery in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter and
Yusef Idris's The Sinners

Yael Ben-zvi2016
Ohad ReznickPassing for White and Passing for Gentile
in Postwar American Fiction

Barbara Hochman
& Eitan Bar-Yosef
Michal SlossbergIntertextuality as a Form of Critique in Edith Wharton's "Bunner Sisters" and "Summer"

Barbara Hochman
& Eitan Bar-Yosef
Naomi YeshayahouVillains and Lackeys in Victorian Literature (1860-1881)Catherine Rottenberg & Eitan Bar-Yosef

Hiba NserSocial Class and Marriage in Jane Austin's Persuasion

Chanita Goodblatt
Kathi PearlmutterPoetry and History in WWI Commonwealth Cemeteries in Israel

Chanita Goodblatt 2015
Eyal SofferThe Machiavellian Sources of Frank
Herbert's Dune

Chanita Goodblatt
Nevet TachnaiMarital Abuse in the Nineteenth-Century
British Novel

Efraim Sicher 2015
Valerie KhaskinFeminist Discourse and the Changing
of the Vampire, 1890s-2000s

Eitan Bar-Yosef2015
Leonard SteinTo Conceal In Order to Reveal: Identity Formation in Crypto-Jewish American Literature

Efraim Sicher2015
Inna Speisky KotovskiDomestic Drama and Shakespearean High Tragedy

Aaron Landau 2015
Boris GrushkoThe Fetishization of Foreignness
in the Novels of D.H. Lawrence

Eitan Bar-Yosef 2014
Shany RozenblattThe Representation of Jewish Masculinity
in Contemporary American Sitcom

Efraim Sicher2014
Lilach ShaharHeredity and Environment, Alcohol, Gender Norms, and Sexuality: The Influence of
Zola's l'Assommoir on Norris's McTeague

Barbara Hochman2014
Mark Elliott ShapiroIrony After Auschwitz? 
A Comparative Analysis of the Holocaust Poetry of Dan Pagis and A. M. Klein

Efraim Sicher2013
Adaya AmarPower and Sexuality in the Narrative
of the House of David

Chanita Goodblatt2013
Aviv Ben-AliezerHow Women Who Were Artists' Models
for the Pre-Raphaelite Painters Became
Artists Themselves

Eitan Bar-Yosef
& Guy Beiner
Idmit Drori Reading Poetic Metaphor: An Empirical StudyChanita Goodblatt2013

​Ilana B​ergsagel​
​The Ethics of Relationships in John Donne's Love Poetry

​Chanita Goodblatt​
Shimron Louis Lyons Tubman From Kitchen to Kitchen: The Domestic Path
to Freedom in Uncle Tom's Cabin

Barbara Hochman2013
Elizaveta Futerman Rethinking Barthes' Photographic Evidence through Dionne Brand's What We All Long For

Yael Ben-zvi2012
Yehudit GileadIn Bluebeard's Castles: Jane Eyre and the Interpellated [S]ubject

Eitan Bar-Yosef
& Aaron Landau
Sima GoldenfeldF. Scott Fitzgerald's Evolving Representation
of War - from High-School Prose to The Great Gatsby

Barbara Hochman2012
Beeba MatthewLayers of Identity in Minority Literature in Israel: A Comparative Reading of Anton Shammas, Eli Amir and Sami Michael

Chanita Goodblatt2012
Danielle RubinTo Live Together in the Finest Sense: The Confidence-Man's Fictional Community

Yael Ben-zvi2012
Adva SalomonThe Story of the Breedloves: Voicing the 'Pathological' Family in Toni Morrison's
The Bluest Eye

Yael Ben-zvi2012
Hila MaimanNo Time to Be Sentimentering:
Sentimentalism in Huckleberry Finn

Barbara Hochman2011
Donna MetregerThe Image of the Mother in the Hebrew Bible

Chanita Goodblatt2011
Sima Murinson GoldenfeldFitzgerald's Evolving Representation of War – From This Side of Paradise to The Great Gatsby

Barbara Hochman2011
Peter DoughtyWise Blood: Self-Knowledge and the Ethics
of Dialogism

Barbara Hochman2010
Irena Bar-SelaAge and Aging: Age Markers in the Representation of the Old Woman in Contemporary English Fiction

Barbara Hochman
& Gerda Elata
Miri ChertokThe Sun Also Rises: The Passion
of Roberto Cohn

Barbara Hochman2009
Alana SobelmanIn Defense of Fiction: Representations of Trauma in Shoah Lite​rature

Mark Gelber2009
Ilana VinnitzkyThe City in the Poetry of Aleksandr Blok

Efraim Sicher2009
Oren BaharPsychoanalytic Readings
of Edgar Allan Poe's Male and Female Texts

Mark Gelber2008
Linda DayanThe Anatomy of an Anthology: Malcolm Cowley's Portable Faulkner

Barbara Hochman2007
Shlomi Deloia Retrieving the Footprints: Passing into Whiteness and the Construction of Jewish American Cultural Identity in Anzia
Yezierska's Bread Givers

Barbara Hochman  
​& Tresa Grauer
​(with distinction)
Hamutal YellinA Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Masked Criticism in Mark Twain's The Prince and the Pauper and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

Barbara Hochman2006
Marya LevinWhat Makes the Man: Character versus Literacy in The Virginian and Martin Eden

Barbara Hochman2005
June O. Leavitt

​The Tarot in Yates, Eliot, and Kafka
​Marg Gelber
Daphna SharanBlack Invisibility: Faulkner's
"A Rose for Emily" and ​"Dry September"

Barbara Hochman2005
Zehava RotmanLetters and Readers in Jane AustenBarbara Hochman2005