PhD Dissertation Title


​Uriel Rosenbloom
​Weird Cauldron: The Shaping of Speculative Fiction in the Pulp Magazine Weird Tales, 1923-1939​

​Shira Levy
​Queer Temporality, Genre and
Gender in Grace Paley’s Storytelling
​Zohar Weiman-Kelman

​Ohad Reznick
​Jews Passing as Non-Jews in
Post-WWII and Multicultural
American Fiction 
​Barbara Hochman & Eitan

​​Danielle Rubin

​The Heb​rew Bible in Nineteenth-Century American Literature: Reading King David as Type, Allegory and History​

Yael Ben-zvi
& Barbara Hochman

​Catherine Mooney
​Understanding and Judgement in
"The Grey Zone": Moral Philosophy
and the Holocaust

​Mark Gelber

Netta Bar Yosef-Paz

White Trash, Literary Trash: Contemporary American Filth-Fiction 


Manja Herrmann

​Concepts of Authenticity in Early German Zionism until 1914

​Mark Gelber ​2015

​Alana Sobelman

​Autobiographical Turns of the Freudian Scholar: Life Writing of Peter Gay and Sarah Kofman

​Mark Gelber ​2015
Michele Horowitz
Envisioning the World in Poetry for Children:  Haim Nahman Bialik, Kadya Molodowsky and Shel Silverstein
Chanita Goodblatt
Shlomi Deloia
Between 'Race' and 'Ethnicity': Whiteness and Cultural Identity in  the Jewish American Immigration Novel of the 1920s
Barbara Hochman
June Leavitt
Franz Kafka's Mystical Modalities  (published by Oxford University Press as The Mystical Lives of Franz Kafka)
Mark Gelber
Hannah Adelman Komy
Second Generation Narratives in Jewish American and Israeli Fiction
Efraim Sicher