​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Artzyeli Award commemorates the late Eleanor Artzyeli (1936-1987), who taught in our department - and in whose memory the department was dedicated back in 1988. Eleanor Artzyeli taught first-year writing, among other subjects, and the award is given annually to excellent first-year students in literature and linguistics.

Recent ​winners of the Artzyeli Award
2021: Tama Bar-Haim, Yuval Koren, Ayelet Levy, Adan Shekh-Yosef
2020: Tsuf Enosh; Nitzan Malkiel
2019: Yuval Elimelech; Adan Masre; Madian Sarsur
2018: ​Eden Ashkenazi, Shaimaa El-Sayeed, Tal Maletin, Shira Shinar
2017: Gal Abramovitz, Neta Kline
2016: Yoav Tulpan, Yarden Vardi
2015: Amit Kempler, Priel Cohanim
2014: Olga Baskrovny, Michal Calo
2013: Reem Al-Asam, Noa Gal
2012: Nivi Mor
2011: Or Roth
2010: Niki Kotsenko
2009: Valerie Khaskin

The Berkove Award was created by the late Professor Lawrence Berkove (1930-2018), from the University of Michigan, a prolific scholar who specialized in the work of Mark Twain and in ​the Sagebrush School. The award is given biannually to recognize student achievements (undergraduate or graduate) in the field of American literature.  

Past winners of the Berkove ​Award​
2021: Tom Cohen
2019: Shira Levy
2017: Michal Calo
​2015: Leonard Stein
2013: Danielle Rubin [honorable mention: Shimron Tubman]
2011: Shlomi Deloia​