​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The department offers a BA in Foreign Literatures & ​Linguistics.* 

As part of this degree, we offer an English Literature track - in various combinations with other disciplines:

80 Points Program (major in English Literature) - תכנית מחלקה ראשית

Students in this program take English literature as their major subject. Their minor subject (חטיבה), consisting of 28 points, may be taken in any other department in the Faculty. Popular combinations include education, philosophy, history, psychology, or anthropology.

Students in this program start with several first-year introductory courses (14 pts.): Introduction to Prose Fiction (4 pts.), Academic Writing Workshop (4 pts.), Introduction to Poetry (2 pts.), Introduction to Drama (2 pts.), and Roots of Western Culture (2 pts.). These courses introduce first-year literature students to the conventions of literary genres and provide them with useful analytic tools. 

Second-year literature students take three historical surveys (4 pts. each) -  Survey of English Literature I (Middle Ages to 1660); Survey of English Literature II (1660-1900); Survey of American Literature to 1865 - as well as a course in literary theory (4 pts. + 2 pts. in "targil"). In their third year, students take one required course (a 2 pt. survey of 20th-century literature) and write two seminar papers. In addition, they have a wide variety of elective courses to choose from during their three-year studies.


54 Points Program in English Literature - תכנית דו-מחלקתית

Students in this program combine 54 points in English literature with 54 points in another department. This program provides a solid basis in English literature at the BA level. It consists of the first-year introductory courses (14 pts.), the second-year required courses (18 pts.), and third year required course (2 pts.) -  as described above - as well as several elective courses on a wide variety of topics. In addition, students are required to write one seminar paper in their third year.


28 Points Program (minor in English Literature) - חטיבת לימודים

This program aims to provide students with a solid foundation in English literature, but with little specialized knowledge. Like the 80 and 54 point programs, it begins with first-year introductory courses; in their second year students take two (of the three) historical surveys, as well as the course in literary theory; and they write one seminar in their third year.


108 Points Combined Program (English Literature​​ & Linguistics) - תכנית חד-מחלקתית

The 108 point combined BA program is designed for students who have a serious interest in both linguistics and Englis​h literature. It is also especially suited to prospective English teachers.

Students in this program take the required courses for both tracks (as specified in the Shanton​, in the section depicting the 108 point program). In the third year, they take additional electives, divided as equally as possible between linguistics and English literature. They also study seminars, both in literature and in linguistics.

A note on general courses - קורסים כלליים

All st​udents in BGU’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences complete their 120 point degree by taking an additional 10 points in other departments – that is, by choosing from a rich list of general courses advertised by the Faculty. (Our students are exempt from the general university requirement of 2 points in English proficiency). 

International students, who are not required to master Hebrew, can complete their additional 10 points by choosing from a general list of courses in English offered by various BGU programs. For more details, see here.

 * Please note: the BA certificate (deg​ree) will include the name of the Department and not the track (that is, BA in Foreign Literatures and Linguistics). The student's participation in the track (English Literature and/or Linguistics) will be registered in the grade transcript only.

* שימו לב: תעודת הבוגר (התואר) תכלול רק את שם המחלקה ולא את המגמה (כלומר, תואר ראשון בספרויות זרות ובלשנות). עובדת לימודיו של תלמיד במגמה ("אנגלית: ספרות"; או "אנגלית: בלשנות"; או "אנגלית: ספרות, בלשנות") תירשם בגיליון הציונים בלבד.