​​​​​​​​​The dormitories are intended for all students, including students in the pre-academic preparatory programs, and accommodate about 1500 beds for singles and couples. The two dormitories are located on both sides of the campus, in Neighborhoods Gimel and Daled. Each dormitory has a supervisor in charge of the maintenance of the buildings, equipment and regular and ongoing activities. Students are employed in the dormitories as social counselors to oversee social activity and solve personal and interpersonal problems among the students.

Application for Dormitories for the 2021 Academic Year
Application for Dormitories for the 2020 Academic Year 

Post Doc. Dormitories Application f​orm For the 2021 Academic Year
Post Doc. Dormitories Application form for the 2020 Academic Year

Res​idence Agreement 2021 Residence Agreement 2021 Appendix - Insolation due to Coronavirus​
Residence Agreement 2020

Applications can be made after confirmation of admission to the University even if tuition payment has not yet been completed. 

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